Disney +: these two Marvel series scheduled for 2022 should finally arrive for 2023

Disney + will release several Marvel series in the course of 2022. Two of them should however be postponed to 2023 according to the official Marvel Japan website. This is season 2 of What If as well as Secret Invasion.

Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) in Secret Invasion

The year 2021 allowed Marvel Studios to launch its first series on Disney+ (WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and Hawkeye) and 2022 should be in the same vein. The first will be Moon Knight, scheduled for March. For the moment, the rest of the calendar is still nebulous, but today, the Marvel Japan site gives us clues as to what lies ahead.

A few days ago, the cosmic circus site got hold of the official program of content planned for Disney+ via the Japanese version of the Marvel site. We found there the films of 2022 (Doctor Strange 2, Wakanda Forever or even Thor 4), but also series. Two caught the site’s attention: Secret Invasion and What If Season 2.

Secret Invasion is expected to arrive in 2023

We gotta get along: Marvel Studios never gave a schedule for his two series, since the broadcast date is only revealed a few weeks in advance for this type of content. But their appearance on the site gave at least a launch window.

However, the Japanese site of Marvel has updated the calendar and in this new version, season 2 of What If and the series Secret Invasion go by the wayside. Thus, only three live-action series would be scheduled for 2022 (Moon Knight, Ms Marvel and She/Hulk), compared to four in 2021.

If it is difficult to decide for What If, we can however play guessing games for Secret Invasion. The series is currently filming in the UK, which suggests that a 2022 release is a bit early. Indeed, there is generally a minimum of one year between shooting and distribution for the Marvel Studios series. For example, Falcon and the Winter Soldier was filmed in late 2019 for a mid-2021 broadcast. The Hawkeye series was shot in December 2020 for broadcast exactly a year later. From there to say that Secret Invasion will arrive in January 2023, there is only one step…

Source: marvel japan

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