Disney+ tries its hand at horror with No Exit

In February, Disney + will make us shiver with a camera on a highway area called No Exit.

Disney+ has an essentially family positioning. This was at least the case before the arrival of Star in our green regions. With its new destination, the sixth, the platform can afford to add more mature content, whether new or not. Thus Dead Pool had regained its place alongside the other films of the X-Men universe.

Hulu or FX productions that explore entirely different genres, ranging from horror to the cluedo series. This time, it is on the side of these original feature films that the platform is making an incursion into genre cinema. The new 20th Century Studios thriller, initially promised a theatrical release, should finally settle for an international release on the small screen. A way for the firm with the big ears to remind that it does not only do superheroes and animated adventures.

No Exitdirected by Damien Power (Killing Ground) will tell the story of a student forced to urgently return to her family. Blocked by a snowstorm and forced to stop at a motorway service area in the company of complete strangers, she will discover that one of them is keeping a little girl captive in his van parked in the parking lot. Then begins a terrifying struggle to the death to not only save the life of this innocent, but also to find out who among these people could be the kidnapper…

A new adaptation

A promising camera scripted by Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari at work on Ant-man and the Wasp. The plot is taken from a thriller by Taylor Adams released in 2018. The platform has just shared a first trailer, as scary as it is interesting.

It is also an opportunity to discover the different actors who will appear in the casting, starting with Havana Rose Liu who will play the young Derby. She recently appeared in the Netflix series The Chair alongside Sandra Oh. Here she will give the reply to Danny Ramirez (Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Dale Dickey (unbelievable) and Dennis Haysbert (24 hour clock). See you on February 25 to discover No Exit. On this date, the film will be broadcast on Hulu in the United States and on Disney+ in France. She also specifies that this new production is aimed at an informed public, not to be put in everyone’s hands therefore.

To discover No Exit on Disney+

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