Ditch the hard drive with these Black Friday SSD deals

Hard drives are an antediluvian technology that only holds its own by offering storage at bargain prices, but at the same time they result in a delay and a bottleneck for the world of computing. Unfortunately, solid state drives aren’t cheap and the transition is costing because of that. Well, during the black friday it’s good to take a look to the best SSDs on offer.

There are several reasons for which to choose a solid state drive for our computer or PS5 console, but mainly it is to be able to have the best possible performance on our PC in terms of storage compared to the hard drive. If you want to finally abandon such antediluvian technology, now it is easier than ever.

The best SSDs on sale during Black Friday

Adopting an SSD means increasing the performance of our PC, and in the middle of the Black Friday sales period, several interesting offers have appeared. That is why we have made a small selection for you so that you can choose the model on offer that best suits your pocket and your needs.

With these NVMe SSDs on sale your PC will be ready for the future

Among the Black Friday offers of the different NVMe SSD drives with M.2 connection that we have seen, the ones that have caught our attention the most are, on the one hand, the Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB and, on the other hand, the Crucial P3 1TB. As for the first model, we can find it during Black Friday for €175.99 with a 35% discount on its usual price. On the other hand, the model with less capacity with a discount of 16% and, therefore, for €85.9.
Keep in mind that more and more games are recommending using an SSD to install, so if you want to be future-proof this is an excellent opportunity.

Do they work for PS5?

Well no, since they use a PCI Express 3.0 interface, however, if you need extra storage for your PS5 you can also find good deals like this Crucial P5 Plus 1TB which is located €123.59that is, a 32% discount. As for the 2TB model, you can find it for €194.69 and with him discount of 46%. So you no longer have to install and uninstall your favorite games for your brand new console.


And what about the SATA models?

Since not everyone has the ability to install an M.2 drive in their computer, we haven’t forgotten those who can install one. 2.5-inch SATA drive in your computer. Whether on a laptop or a desktop PC. Our choices? Well, two versions of the Crucial BX500the 1TB version is found by €76, and therefore with a 27% discount above its usual price. While we do opt for the 2TB version we can get it for €128.59 and consequently with a discount of 37%.

Crucial BX500 1TB

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