Divine justice? Poacher died trampled by the elephant he intended to kill

An elephant killed a suspected poacher after running him over in the famous Kruger National Park of South Africa, said this Friday the spokesman of the center, Isaac Phaahla. The mutilated body of the victim was discovered Thursday during an operation to prevent this illegal practice.

But before any mammal was injured, an elephant killed the poacher while the others fled, Phaahla explained. “Initial investigations suspect that the deceased was attacked by an elephant and was left behind by his accomplices,” the spokesperson added. The rangers found the victim’s cell phone which was turned over to the police to facilitate the search for the poaching companions.

Kruger Park has been heavily affected by poaching, especially rhinos, only last February they reported that their rhino population had been reduced by 70% in the previous decade, just under 4 thousand copies. However, thanks to new technologies, they have been able to establish more effective patrols and surveillance rounds, so poaching has dropped 37% compared to last year.

They captured hunters, in Indonesia

Last August, five poaching suspects They were arrested on charges of decapitating an endangered Sumatran elephant in Indonesia. Police in Aceh, a province located at the western tip of the Indonesian archipelago, announced that the arrest came after a month of investigations.

And it is that these men had decapitated a 12-year-old male elephant to remove its fangs last July, in a palm oil plantation. The autopsy revealed that the pachyderm had previously been poisoned. The five men will face penalties of up to ten years in prison if they are convicted according to the current law in force on the protection of nature in the archipelago.


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