Divorce between Intel and Tesla: Model 3 and Model Y will have Ryzen APUs

The divorce between Intel and Tesla is now official and in all levels of the companies, since although there were rumors that the largest manufacturer of electric cars in the world was going to make the leap to AMD in China for monetary reasons, we now know that the strategy will not stop there, since there is already verification that in the United States the new Model 3 and Model Y with APU Ryzen. Total divorce with Intel and marriage with AMD.

It was expected and it is not understood how a company like Intel has left the way to an AMD that is taking the entire sector of processors and customizable APUs. We have seen it with consoles, now we see it in vehicles and NVIDIA is the only one that seems to put up some resistance. How was Tesla going to keep up with its new models with Atom CPUs?

First Apple, now Tesla: Intel divorces

Although the company that Pat Gelsinger runs is beginning to come out of the hole where she got herself, the reality is that she barely has both arms out to get out of the well. It is again ahead in desktop, but it is still behind in servers and HEDT, it is again ahead in technology, but it has lost the pulse of custom chips.

The automotive sector has woken up late, very late and now the rush is coming. Tesla is a leader in automotive and systems innovation, but as a good company that constantly evolves it needs more and more power, so after talking and seeing Intel’s options and especially prices, it decided to make the leap in China to AMD and its Ryzen APUs. , with results that have been so overwhelming that the blow will be worldwide.

To give us an idea of ​​the data that comes to us from the Asian country: in Youkou (Chinese YouTube) the application in the same car model for the Atom and the Ryzen the first one managed to load it in 17.12 seconds, while the second does it in 4.18.

Bilibili only lingers 7.04 seconds in charging in the car with APU Ryzen for the 24.16 the Atom … overwhelming data that has made Tesla file for divorce from Intel.

‘Obsolete’ technology that continues to be used

Let’s not think that cars today carry the best of the best when it comes to performance, but they don’t need it either. In short, a car will be simply a PC with wheels that will manage an infinity of sensors, values ​​and cameras, where it will also need a good iGPU apart from a large CPU or memory. It is a set, which in the case of AMD comes as a system Ryzen YE180FC3T4MFG customized for Tesla using a CPU Quad core Zen + and logically to 12 nm that achieves nothing less than 3.8 GHz and integrates 4 MB of L3.

As for your iGPU, it is marked as 215-130000026 and it is similar in performance and features to a PRO W6600, which is impressive, because it means that we have an RDNA 2 card with a chip Navi 23 at 7 nm that performs almost at the same level as a RX 6600 XT, at least in its server version.

We assume that the performance will be cut in frequency, because the W6600 consumes 100 watts achieving nothing less than 10.4 TFLOPS.

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