DJI Action 2, the great rival of the GoPro Hero 10 Black is close

DJI’s next action camera

Keeping the production of any electronic device a secret today is almost impossible and if nothing is said, the reason is none other than being a product with a lower level of interest than the rest. In the case of those manufactured by DJI, the expectation is always high, so it is easy to know a lot of data before the final launch.

The next product the company could launch, imminently like this, would be a new action camera. Yes, the DJI Action II, which is what it would be called, seems to be closer than many might think. Not only because of some data provided by regular leakers, but also because in one of the last videos of the well-known youtuber Peter Mckinnon it could be seen until he edited the clip of a few seconds where it appeared.

Even so, there were those who could take a screenshot and said image has already circulated freely on the internet, confirming what we said: there will be new action camera from DJI and it will change a lot from the first generation model.

From rectangular to square and modular format

What is known about the new DJI action camera? Well let’s see, to begin with there will be a change in the form factor. Instead of being a new action camera with a rectangular body as we already saw in the first Osmo Action or in the recent GoPro, including the Hero Black 10, it now becomes square.

East square redesign, which might be reminiscent of the GoPro Hero Seassons, seems to be aimed at facilitating a proposal that it will also be modular. That is, you can incorporate some extra elements or not depending on what interests you. For example, a screen for when you want to vlogging or similar accessories that would give this camera greater versatility without neglecting its action camera spirit.

Yes, you may have thought of the Insta 360 and are no longer on track when it comes to modularity. Even so, it will be necessary to see what exactly DJI has in mind so that in this camera it compensates for that modular idea.

Regarding technical data, which are always of interest in proposals like this, it seems that the DJI Action 2 will include a 1/17 inch sensor that will allow you to record video at 4K resolution and 60 fps in 3: 2 aspect ratio and up to 120 fps in 16: 9 with a maximum bitrate of 100 Mbps. This last piece of information may escape you, but it refers to the information that it will be able to capture and for a camera of this type it is very good.

If, beyond the logical quality that the use of a new sensor would provide, a much more effective stabilization system is also added than we saw in the first generation or in the latest GoPro, then it could be an interesting alternative for many users.

When will DJI Action 2 be presented?

For now, we will have to be patient, but considering that part of the filtration and confirmation of the new camera comes via a video by Peter Mckinnon, with whom the brand has already collaborated on several occasions, it is very likely that in a matter of days or weeks at most let’s see the official launch.

There would have to be some major problem with the camera itself for it to lag further. Because what was seen was not only the camera, but also other accessories for it in their corresponding packaging. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a high-performance action camera, take a look at the GoPro Hero Balck 10.

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