DJI OM 5, the fusion between the gimbal and the selfie stick

DJI Osmo Mobile 5

DJI has released a new version of its popular three-axis gimbal for mobile devices, the DJI OM 5 or DJI Osmo Mobile 5, as it is also commonly known. This time there are design changes and the inclusion of some other novelty that help to refine a product that was already great in its past generations. So much so that from that first model it can be said that they are references within the mobile gimbal sector.

The first major change is that this new DJI OM 5 is smaller than its previous several, up to a third when folded. In addition, it is a 25% lighter. This is something that is appreciated, because one of the reasons why we usually bet on the mobile instead of a compact or SLR camera is comfort.

Therefore, that the new Osmo Mobile is smaller and less heavy allows to carry it more comfortably with us during the day to day. Although these are not the only striking changes it has undergone.

Although folded is not seen, now the DJI OM 5 includes an extendable arm or selfie stick that although it may seem unnecessary when we use the main camera, when using the front camera it improves the experience. Because the angle of view of some selfie cameras is not always the widest. So if we can push her away a bit, we win. Also in other types of situations that extra that is obtained by extending it also helps to obtain the shot you are looking for.

Then there are some changes regarding the keypad, now there are independent controls that facilitate interaction and the use of certain options. This is especially useful when combined with the DJI Mimo video recording app. This one takes advantage of all those smart shooting modes, people tracking, etc. for more creative results.

For the rest, physically it is still a very well built product, with quality materials and that general feeling of being resistant to the passage of time.

New DJI OM light clamp

Of course, beyond everything we have told you, if there is an interesting detail in this new DJI OM 5, it is the new clamp sold by the brand. This is purchased separately and has a cost of 49 euros, something that will put the occasional user back, but that will give a bonus to those who use their mobile as a camera for vlogs.

The new one DJI OM clamp incorporates two LEDs They can be used as a fill light when recording with the terminal’s front camera and in low-light situations. Thus, you do not force the ISO value so much and reduce the possible noise that may appear in the video. Something that directly affects the final sharpness of the clip.

In addition, these LED lights can not only be dimmed in intensity, but also in color temperature. So you can adjust it to be cooler or warmer depending on your interest. It is true that it will not be the same as some LED light that you can add to the gimbal in another way, but the integration will be better and more comfortable than adding another element.

DJI OM 5, specifications

So, by way of summary, these are the specifications or DJI Osmo Mobile 5 main features:

  • Three-axis stabilizer with magnetic collet clamp
  • Unfolded dimensions: 264.5 × 111.1 × 92.3 mm
  • Folded dimensions: 174.7 × 74.6 × 37 mm
  • Weight 290 gr
  • Extendable arm with maximum length of 215 mm
  • Phone holder with width between 67 and 84 mm, thickness between 6.9 and 10 mm, and weight of 230 + – 60 g
  • 1000 mAh internal battery with charging via USB C
  • Bluetooth connectivity with smartphone
  • DJI Mimo app with smart photography and recording modes (ShotGuides, ActiveTrack 4.0, Story Mode, DynamicZoom, Timelapse, SpinShot, CloneMe Panoramic,)

Is the new DJI Osmo Mobile 5 worth it?

Whatever the product, with each new version released it is logical to ask whether it is worth the change or not. Even if the new model would be worth it or to bet on the old one that presumably should go down in price.

If you ask yourself these questions regarding the DJI OM 5 and its previous model, the DJI OM 4, the answers are quite easy. So let’s get to it.

For a simple matter of price, unless you can take advantage of an offer, for 149 euros that the DJI OM 4 is worth and 159 euros worth the DJI OM 5, the answer is that logically the latest model is more attractive. But as we say, this will depend on the price at which you find both.

Regarding size, although the new DJI mobile gimbal is lighter and more compact, if you usually carry it in a backpack when you travel or go out to record with it and your smartphone, the difference will not be so noticeable and if you have a stabilizer that allows you to record video smoothly, it may not pay you back.

About features and performance you probably won’t be interested in change either. Because even with new motors, the axes will stabilize the recording practically the same and the options or intelligent recording modes are the same. So that would not be a reason to change the model either.

Nevertheless, why you should bet on the DJI OM 5. Well, first of all because of that extendable arm. If you are one of those who uses the front camera a lot and on some occasion you would have liked to be able to zoom out a little more, then this is your ideal gimbal. Also because if you place it on a table or other surface to record yourself, you can easily lift it so that the camera, for example, is at eye level and not generating a low angle shot.

And finally, the new clamp with LED lighting is also interesting to improve on certain types of recordings. It is true that they represent an extra investment, but comfort is what you earn.

With all of this in mind, it’s easy to determine if the new DJI OM 5 is for you or not. Although it must also be said that each time these devices have it more complicated seeing how in themselves they are capable of stabilizing many mobile cameras by recording freehand.

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