DJI’s best drone is now cheaper (and has one less eye)

The DJI Mavic 3 is a drone that has just about everything. With a 360-degree obstacle detection system, 46-minute flight time and a double camera, the price of this quadcopter is close to 2,000 euros, so DJI has thought that with certain adjustments they can offer practically the same for less money. The solution? The Mavic 3 Classic.

What does the Mavic 3 Classic offer?

The new member of the Mavic 3 family is an extremely complete drone that has decided to remove the zoom camera (the one with a half-inch sensor), to focus solely on the fantastic stabilized module with micro four thirds sensor. This obviously reduces the base price of the device, since it manages to lower the €1,599 for the version with remote control RC-N1 (the basic one that needs a smartphone).

DJI’s idea is to offer the best camera that exists for a drone, cutting out some frills such as the second camera, which did not offer the same quality as the main one, based on a Hasselblad system. This absence is basically the main difference that we find in the drone, since all the recording modes, obstacle detection systems, top speed, communication range and absolutely all the features remain identical.

300 for a camera?

It can be abusive, but seen what has been seen it seems that it is so. La removal of the telephoto camera It has meant a reduction of 330 euros compared to the Mavic 3, so this Mavic 3 Classic is presented at a more attractive price with the elimination of a component that was not especially crucial in the operation of the equipment. And it is that many users especially noticed the change in the level of detail and recording quality when changing from one camera to another. If you had incredible video quality with the main one, why deteriorate it by putting a video with zoom? The resolution of the main sensor is great to be able to make cuts in post-production and

This Classic model now seems more accurate to us, although we must bear in mind that its price continues to mark a range intended for professionals or enthusiasts who can use it professionally occasionally.

Is it the best drone?

DJI’s Mavic series is characterized by offering three fundamental pillars: image quality, size and technology. If what you are looking for is a drone to make spectacular recordings and enough power to later process the video in editors, the Mavics are the right choice, although you should bear in mind that for the size and weight it handles you will need an adequate license that will allow the device to fly in certain areas.

If your interest is sporadic and you only want to record things on a personal level, there is no doubt that the best option is the DJI Mini, either in its latest version Mini 3 or the previous Mini 2, since the image quality is fantastic and It only weighs 249 grams, so you are exempt from licenses and prohibitions in most places where you want to fly it. Take all these details into account before buying a drone.

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