DLSS already reaches 200 games

will soon be fulfilled four years since the announcement, by NVIDIA, of its DLSS technology, which came from the hand of the GeForce RTX 20 generation. Four years in which we have seen how this super scaling technology based on artificial intelligence has evolved in a more than remarkable way, from somewhat disappointing beginnings to a present in which the results we can obtain are simply spectacular, whether on desktop systems or laptops. Here we recently told you, in depth, these improvements.

Parallel to the DLSS enhancements, we have been seeing the catalog of games compatible with this technology grow. Not at breakneck speed, really, either because the implementation process is complex and/or because it is now that the studios are beginning to be aware of the substantial improvement that DLSS offers its users and, consequently, they decide to add their titles to the list of those compatible with this technology.

Be that as it may, the good news for RTX 20 and RTX 30 series graphics card users is that theThe list of games compatible with DLSS has not stopped growing and, according to NVIDIA, has already reached 200 titles compatible. 200 games that, by activating DLSS, allow players to enjoy a much higher image quality without having to update any component of their systems and without sacrificing performance measured in frames per second, since it also benefits from DLSS. In this link you can see the updated list of compatible titles.

Although, initially, many people thought that both DLSS and ray tracing were a flash in the panover time it is becoming fully accredited that both technologies are here to stay, marking a before and after in the way we enjoy games, whatever their type. And it is not only triple A that benefit from mine, we can also see graphically much more humble games, such as Minecraft, which with the use of ray tracing provide a totally new experience.

CThis DLSS milestone coincides with the first anniversary of FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) from AMD, which has recently released the code of its version 2.o, and which is also experiencing great growth in its catalog, although in this case mainly as a result of the involvement of the community . We can and should expect improvements in both DLSS and FSR, but there is no doubt that super scaling is already an essential part of the gaming experience for many.

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