Do aliens communicate with us? Astronomers detect strange signal from the center of the Milky Way

Finding extraterrestrial life has become an obsession for many and it seems that they have received an answer. And it is that a team of experts detected unusual radio waves coming from the center of lto the Milky Way, one of the theories, yet to be confirmed, is that the captured sounds belong to a cosmic object never seen before.

According to astronomers, the light emitted by the object moves and projects in a way that is atypical to that of any celestial body known to humans. The brightness of the object varies drastically and the signal turns on and off seemingly randomly. In this regard, Ziteng Wang, lead author of the new study in The Astrophysical Journal and a doctoral student at the University of Sydney School of Physics, explained that “the strangest property of this new signal is that it has a very high polarization, that it oscillates in only one direction, but that direction rotates over time”, said.

How did they detect this rare object?

According to Wang, the space body was initially discovered during a survey of the sky using the Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder radio telescope. known as ASKAP and very powerful because it has 36 dishes that work together as a single telescope at the Murchison Radio Astronomy Observatory in Western Australia.

Once detected, they tracked it with the Parkes radio telescope in New South Wales and the MeerKAT telescope at the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory. But it all started to get weird when the Parkes telescope could not detect the source.

“Fortunately, the signal returned, but we found that the behavior of the source was dramatically different: the source disappeared in a single day, even though it had lasted for weeks. in our ASKAP observations earlier, “said Tara Murphy, a co-author of the research and professor at the Sydney Institute of Astronomy and the School of Physics at the University of Sydney.


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