Do antivirus protect us 100% from all threats?

The first thing to know here is that the most widely used desktop operating system, Windows, has its own built-in security solution. In the same way, we can use other third-party solutions belonging to security companies with a lot of experience. Be that as it may, as we have commented on many occasions, it is best to have a Program of these characteristics installed on our computer.

Either Windows Defender or any other, these applications will be of great help to us when it comes to being protected against potential external attacks. How could it be otherwise, this is something that is especially evident if we work with a computer connected to the internet, something more than usual today. However, the installation and execution of this type of security program sometimes leads to dangerous errors. Specifically, we mean that some users think that having a antivirus Everything is already solved, but it is not like that.

In fact, it is more than advisable that we take certain precautionary measures to ensure even more protection against viruses and all kinds of malware. For those who think that antivirus protects us 100% from the threats that can reach the PC, they are wrong. These are some of the reasons why we shouldn’t completely trust these programs.

The antivirus database is out of date

This type of program in particular generally has two different types of updates. On the one hand, we find the updates that reach the program itself. These are in charge of sending us the latest functions sent by its developers, as well as updating the user interface, among other things. But perhaps even more important are the updates that reach the internal database of the security program.

This is the one that stores the types of malicious code that we can face in those moments. Therefore, if this database is not properly updated, the risks of the equipment increase exponentially. Hence, we should not completely trust these types of applications.

Not all detect 100% of malware

In addition, on the other hand, we must take into consideration that not all the antivirus that we use are capable of detecting all of the malicious codes existing. It is true that, if we have both the program and its database updated, the amount of malware undetectable by this solution is quite small, but it does exist. Hence the precautions that we must take ourselves when downloading programs from suspicious pages, or opening links received that are not entirely reliable.

Hence precisely the existence of certain platforms such as VirusTotal, which use a multitude of antivirus simultaneously to perform their analyzes. With all this, what we want to tell you is that antivirus, although very useful, are not 100% effective. Therefore, it is advisable that we ourselves also be consistent and take personal security measures to protect us.

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