Do I buy a graphics card now or wait for the NVIDIA RTX 40?

For months graphics cards have been inaccessible, with truly exorbitant prices due to high demand. The price is normalizing, but the rumors about the new NVIDIA RTX 40 Series appear stronger. Surely you are wondering what to do, whether to wait or buy, and we will try to help you.

Surely you have been waiting for months to buy a graphics card because its prices were absurd. Now you find data on the new NVIDIA graphics, which promise outstanding performance. But don’t worry, don’t bang your head against the wall, it’s not your fault, we’ll help you.

What do we know about the NVIDIA RTX 40 Series?

The rumors of the new generations of graphics they start months before their launch, even a year or more before. As the launch approaches, these rumors seem to be taking a certain form. It allows us to glimpse a little what these new components will be. As always, rumors are unverified information that may not coincide with reality.

About the NVIDIA RTX 40 Series, for sure, is that they will have CUDA Cores, RT Cores and Tensor Cores. Come on, these graphs will withstand the Ray Tracing and DLSS natively. We also know that they will be more powerful than the current RTX 30 Series, which is normal, since each new generation of graphics is superior to the previous one.

So far what we know, more or less, for sure. Rumors so far tell us the following:

  • The RTX4090 would have a frequency of up to 2520MHz and would have a 600W TGP. Also, this graphics card would have twice the power of the RTX 3090.
  • The consumption of all new graphics cards would be higher to the consumption of the current RTX 30 Series
  • They point out that in october the RTX 4090in november the RTX4080 and in december the RTX4070. But beware, there are rumors that point to a delay in the launch of these new graphics
  • They wait prices Similar to the MSRP of the launch of the RTX 30 Series


Do I wait or better buy?

You may have been waiting months for the graphics card price will normalize. Now meeting the launch of new GPUs has surely put you in a major bind. Well, the answer is that it depends on your needs.

It all depends on whether you already need to change equipment, because the hardware is very old or you have a problem with the graph. It is possible that in your day you chose buy the pc and pull the integrated graphics for now Well, for these cases, we recommend you buy if you find a good offer or something second-hand that suits your budget.

If you’re not in a hurry, since you can play anything and what you want is make the jump for more FPS or resolution, you can wait. Normally, for the Black Friday and ChristmasBefore the arrival of the new generation, the RTX 20 Series or the RTX 30 Series have tempting prices. Of course, stores will want to clear their warehouses of stock.

In the end, it all depends on what you need at each moment. Waiting, in the end, only leads to waiting and not knowing what to do. Buying an RTX 20 Series or an RX 5000 Series is not a bad option, there will be no game that you cannot move. If you want an RTX 30 Series or RX 6000 Series, prices are normalizing and it’s starting to be a good time to buy one.

By the way, we recommend you go through the Steam hardware statistics, which will surprise you a lot. Seeing which charts are most used by users is quite revealing.

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