Do I have to pay to store my passwords on Enpass?

In most cases, and more so in these times, correctly managing our personal passwords is very important. We use these elements to protect all kinds of platforms and programs, obviously with their corresponding data. Precisely for all this, managers of these elements such as passhave not stopped gaining importance in recent years.

When we speak of this type of program in particular, we are referring to applications in charge of safely store all our personal keys. We use more and more passwords on a daily basis, so remembering them all is an almost impossible task. Even more so if we comply with the recommendations of the experts who tell us never to repeat them. Similarly these passwords should be as complex as possible including special characters, numbers, upper and lower case.

That is precisely where these programs that we are commenting on come into play. Password managers take care of save all our passwords encrypted. In addition, to access all this information we will have a master key that only we know. In fact, these programs today no longer only focus on these contents, but also allow us to use other additional ones. In this way we will have the possibility of save bank cardsbeads, personal notescontacts, etc

There are many proposals in the form of password managers that we can use. In this case we are going to focus on one of the most common and popular, we refer to Enpass. It is true that, when choosing software with these characteristics, as is the case with other sectors, an important factor is price. Well, at this point we will tell you that many of these password managers They are commercial, that is, paid.

How to use the password manager Enpass without paying a euro

We also find some interesting free options, or other somewhat more special proposals, as is the case at hand. We have already commented that the Enpass manager is one of the most popular. Perhaps precisely because of all this, many users wonder if they can use this storage software without having to pay a single euro. Well, that is precisely what we want to clarify below.

The first thing that we are going to tell you is that, if you want to use this password manager for free, you can limit yourself to its use on desktop computers. This means that you can download and install the client for Windows, macOS, or Linux and use it at no cost on these computers.

pass-through interface

However, one of the main attractions of this type of program is being able to synchronize our database with the Android and iOS mobile device. This means that in the event that we want to take advantage of this synchronization function, then it is when we will have to pay the corresponding price.

It is true that the individual plan at the moment is 1.79 euros per month, but not everyone is willing to make that investment. However, in this case it will be mandatory if we want to use the mobile version of Enpass to synchronize our passwords and without functional limit. As you can imagine, everything will depend on the needs of each one or the use we make of the program.

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