Do I need Alexa to use smart light bulbs?

If you are thinking of getting started in the world of home automation, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is to install smart bulbs. And there some doubts may arise, such as whether or not it is necessary to have Alexa or some similar device to control them. In this article we are going to talk about it. We’re going to really explain how they work, how you can control them, and if you’re going to need to buy anything extra beyond the bulb itself.

Use Wi-Fi bulbs without Alexa

The wifi bulbs They have different functions, such as the possibility of controlling them remotely. Surely when you go on the Internet to buy one, you find information about whether or not it is compatible with Alexa or Google Home. Now, is it essential to have any of these devices?

The answer is no. You don’t need Alexa or anything similar to be able to use smart bulbs or Wi-Fi. Logically they will work as light bulbs simply by plugging them in, but you will also be able to use their intelligent functions without the need for another device other than the light bulb itself.

How does it work then? These bulbs are going to be compatible with an application that you can install on your mobile. It is through this software the way you have to manage it. You can configure it to turn on at a certain time, turn it off, adjust the brightness… In short, be able to manage the use of the device.

Therefore, simply by buying a loose smart bulb you will be able to use it without problems. You can link it to the Wi-Fi network and manage it from the mobile application. In general, they are all similar in terms of operation. You will be able to link them in a similar way to other smart electronic devices that you have at home.

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What does Alexa bring to a smart light bulb?

So what are the benefits Alexa or Google Home to Wi-Fi bulbs? When, for example, on the Internet you enter a website to buy a smart light bulb, you will normally see information indicating that it is compatible with Alexa. What improvements does it bring? Although we have seen that it will work without this type of device, it does have certain advantages.

Thanks to Alexa, you will be able control light bulbs and other devices through voice, for example. You can issue certain commands to turn those devices on or off, create patterns, and ultimately have more control. Even if you have a light bulb that connects directly to the network, if you have a hub of this type you can take advantage of it to have these types of advantages.

But beyond some specific points, the truth is that from the application of the light bulb that you will be able to install on mobile you will have access to the settings. You can control it, for example dim the brightness or turn it on and off when you need it. In addition, you can do this with several bulbs and manage them all without having to go one by one.

In short, as you can see, it is possible to use smart bulbs without having to have Alexa or Google Home. You will be able to manage them through the mobile application, in a simple and comfortable way.

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