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In case you don’t know, initially the creators of this format was the popular firm Adobe. This is a software giant that among many other popular titles offers us Photoshop or InDesign. Thus, decades ago he created these PDF files, but later he released its use so that anyone could benefit from it. Right now we can use this specific file format to fill out forms, store documentation, or even work with official documents.

In addition, we can carry out all kinds of tasks and actions related to them to increase their versatility. Among these functions focused on working with PDF, we find that of rotating these documents. Despite its simplicity, now many users of various Adobe programs complain that, when carrying out this change on their personal documents, the firm wants to charge them. All this despite the fact that most of the solutions adobe software They are already input, paid.

Hence, the fact that they want to charge their customers for something as basic as rotating a PDF document does not make much sense and has angered many. That is why we are going to show you some of them below. free alternatives to carry out this change on a PDF, and many more.


First of all, we are talking about an interesting web application that we can access directly from the browser and that allows us to directly rotate our PDFs. All we have to do is upload the file as such to the platform for the process to begin in the desired direction. In addition, it is worth noting that if we click on All tools, we will find the enormous number of functions with these files we can carry out from here .


Likewise, we find another interesting software solution that we can use online to rotate our PDFs at no cost. It makes available the function of dragging and dropping files in order to speed up the process. In addition, at the top of its interface we find a section called Tools where we may be interested in clicking. And it is that here we are also going to find a good number of additional functions at no cost for work with these files.


As its name suggests, here we find an application that also allows us to carry out this function on our files for free. Enough that let’s select the file as such or we drag it to the interface of the program to customize the rotation process. In addition, we can also access many other functions to work with our PDFs.


This is one of the best-known proposals when it comes to working with this type of file in particular, so, how could it be otherwise, it also allows us to rotate them. It is worth noting that the functionality and application in general allows us to assess it at the moment has a punctuation of 4.5 points out of 5. This shows us how well this tool works to work with our documents in this format.

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