Do Macs have fewer apps than Windows?

If you don’t own a Mac or are familiar with them, it’s more than likely that you have some questions about the app compatibility. And it is that traditionally there has been a tendency to think that Windows offers more programs than the Mac operating system. But, is this true? Can you have the same applications?

No, Macs also have wide compatibility

Well, we have already answered the big question in this subtitle. It is true that Windows is a majority system in the world, since it is not only installed on computers of one brand, but there are hundreds of manufacturers that opt ​​for this system designed by Microsoft. Apple, for its part, only adds macOS to its own Macs.

And although the qualification that Apple is a very closed company has its reason for being, the truth is that it does not apply in these cases. The vast majority of programs are on both systems. And not only the best known ones like Photoshop, WhatsApp or the Office suite, but also many other tools. And many can be found in the App Store, but also on the Internet through the official websites of each developer.

Where we can find something negative to highlight in Macs is in the area of video game. Apple’s operating system doesn’t offer as many games as Microsoft’s. And this is mainly because in the end most users gamers they tend to choose Windows because it offers better possibilities to optimize the hardware to their liking. The apple brand, for its part, offers a catalog of more casual-style games on its own Apple Arcade platform.

Alternatives for apps that are not in macOS

Although we already warned you that it is difficult today to find programs that are in Windows and not in Mac, they also exist. If you find yourself in this situation, you could turn to install Windows on a Mac partitiona relatively simple process through the Boot Camp Assistant that is already installed by default.

Of course, if you have a Mac with an M1, M1 Pro or M1 Max chip, you should know that at the moment they do not support the installation of Windows on a partition. In this case, yes or yes, you must resort to tools that allow you to virtualize Windows on Mac, which are also valid for Macs with Intel chips.

Windows on macOS virtualize

These two solutions can be a good option to alleviate this incompatibility of applications in the Apple system. Perhaps it is not so comfortable, but understanding that these are very specific cases, it is a great remedy. If you find too many everyday applications that require you to use Windows, and unless you have a compelling reason to stay on Mac, then you should consider buying a computer that has Windows already installed as standard.

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