Do not be fooled! In these cases it is absurd to use smart plugs

When it’s useless to use a plug with Wi-Fi

With a smart plug you will be able to control certain devices. For example, you will be able to turn something on or off remotely or program it. They are also used to control the consumption of an appliance, something very useful to know at all times how much electricity you use and even save. But there are cases in which it is useless.

control tv

An example is being able to control the television with a smart plug. Although there are specific models in which you will be able to turn the TV on or off, in most cases you will not be able to. The only thing you can do is keep it on standby or not. That is, whether the red LED is on or not.

You will not be able to control through a smart plug which channel is broadcast or even that the screen is really on. Yes you can turn it off, but not turn it on. That is, you could leave a channel broadcasting and through a smart plug turn off the television. But when you turn it on it will be in Stand By in most models.

Raise or lower the temperature of air conditioners or stoves

Nor will you be able to have control over a air conditioning or a stove. Yes, you will be able to turn those devices on or off, but nothing else. Any device that has a physical button that you must press to set another level or lower and raise the temperature, you will not be able to do it with a smart plug.

For example, you can leave the air conditioning programmed at 22 degrees and through a smart plug turn the device on or off. But you will not be able to set it at 23 or 21 degrees, for example. Just like in a stove, you will not be able to make it heat more or less simply through a plug with Wi-Fi.

Save light with smart plugs

Save with appliances that consume little

Use smart plugs to save energy It’s a good idea in many cases. At least you will be able to have control over how much a specific appliance spends, such as a microwave or the television itself. But there are cases in which this is not really worth it and you will spend more electricity.

A clear example is a light bulb. You could decide to connect a lamp to a smart plug to control consumption and waste less electricity by turning it on or off remotely. The problem is that this plug with Wi-Fi is also going to consume light. Even if it’s little, something will spend. It is not worth it with devices that consume so little electricity.

Turn on the computer

if you pretend turn on computer remotelyYou won’t be able to do it either. As in the case of television, what you could do is turn it off. However, it is not advisable to suddenly turn off a computer. It’s basically the same as if you suddenly unplug it from the wall socket.

Yes, it is true that you can configure Wake on LAN on your computer, which is used to turn it on remotely. But it is not something that can be done without the necessary knowledge and simply with the smart plug you will not be able to use this function without further ado.

As you can see, using a smart plug has its advantages, but you should know that it also has limitations. It is important that you use it correctly and that you always keep in mind what you are going to use it for and see if it is really going to be useful or not. You should always avoid Wi-Fi dropouts when using these plugs.

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