Do not do it; i would never try this to make my wifi faster

Apps That Promise to Improve Wi-Fi Are Scams

In order to improve Wi-Fi, we can find these alleged miracle applications that optimize the device to improve the network. The problem is that in many cases they are programs created by hackers to infect the device or sneak in adware. In other cases it is simply an application that is not going to do anything and we are not going to notice any improvement.

The problems with the wifi coverage are very clear: being far from the access point, having a poor quality network card or outdated drivers. It is true that there may be other reasons, such as the router working badly or even that you have a virus that causes system failures. But usually those are the problems.

Therefore, a program that promises to improve Wi-Fi it will be a scam. It is not going to make you suddenly have more coverage or the network card has more power. At best, you could install a good antivirus that helps remove malware that is affecting Wi-Fi card drivers, for example.

Are fake apps You can see them when browsing the Internet, after installing another program and it appears to you as adware, false links that come to you through social networks, etc. They basically use these programs as bait so that we install them thinking that it will really improve Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi repeater issues

What should you do to have more Internet speed

So what is most important to have more internet speed and that the Wi-Fi goes well? These fake apps aside, what you need to do is make sure that all the physical components are working properly. Here we can name the router, which is a key piece, as well as the network card and the device you use to connect.

You should also logically observe the distance to the router. Ideally, the router should be in the correct location, away from interference and obstacles. Put it in a high place so that it distributes the signal better. Also, if you see that the distance is very long and you need to connect with good speed, you can always use an old router to improve the network, use repeaters, Mesh or PLC systems.

Another key point is to have the device in good condition. For example, the computer or mobile, which is what we most often use to navigate. Make sure that you have the firmware correctly updated and also free of malware that may be negatively affecting the proper functioning.

Therefore, how do you see the applications that promise improve wifi they are a scam. They most likely contain adware and can put your security at risk. The best thing is to find out what the problem with your connection may be and take measures to solve it, such as installing a repeater or seeing if something happens with the network card.

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