Do not download the antivirus from your browser without first checking this

Despite the fact that the most used operating system in desktop computers, Windows, offers us its own antivirus, many users look for other proposals. We have the possibility to choose between a multitude of security companies that offer us their projects in this regard, we only have to choose.

Just a few years ago we had to go to our favorite computer store or a shopping center to purchase the corresponding security package. However, at this time we can opt for one option or another in a much faster and easier way. This is due to the facilities that the online world offers us and that allows us compare and download our antivirus directly selected. We achieve all this through the corresponding browser installed on the computer by connecting to the official websites of the developers.

At this point we must take into consideration that there are many security alternatives to choose from. In addition, this decision is not like that of any other program, since here we are talking about security-focused software, so it is not recommended that we make a mistake. Thus, once we have discarded the use of Windows Defender, it is time to select and download the antivirus that will protect us on the PC.

We tell you all this because there are several factors that we must take into consideration to make the most correct choice depending on each case. Precisely below we will talk about some of the most important that you should consider. All this will help you protect the data stored on your computer in a much more efficient and secure way.

What should I look at when downloading an antivirus in my web browser

The first section that we must take into consideration is if we are interested in paying for this type of software. A priori we have a series of very interesting free antivirus especially indicated for the end user. However, at the enterprise or SME level, paid antivirus that present additional and specific functions may be more recommendable. In addition, if we have the possibility to test them, we should do it, in this way we can check resource consumption first-hand like CPU or RAM that the antivirus does on our PC. This is one of the sections that causes the most rejection for the use of this type of application.

At the same time, we must take into consideration the characteristics, in addition to the protection analysis as such, that the software offers us. Sometimes we can find functions like a password manager, a VPN, protection against purchases, etc. These are elements that can be considered as basic in the times that run when it comes to protecting our personal data. Before downloading the antivirus from our browser, we should take into consideration the disk space occupied. This is something that is especially evident in somewhat limited or old equipment.

Another extremely important aspect that we must take into consideration is that that antivirus continue to receive official support by its developers. This means that you should continue to receive updates, both for the program and for its malicious code database. We say this because installing an antivirus that is up-to-date is absolutely useless.

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