Do not format: if your PC has had a virus, use this program

We are using our computer normally, surfing the Internet, reading an article, and downloading some files from a reliable website and, suddenly, we end up being victims of a virus. This can happen to us at any time, since computer attacks and virus and malware infections are increasingly complex. After much sweat, we finally finished removing the virus from the computer, and everything seems to be working fine again. But in reality it is not like that, and many things do not work as they should. The first thing we think of is formatting and reinstalling Windows, but what if it isn’t necessary?

Any type of malware (not only viruses, but also a Trojan, or a worm) make all kinds of changes to the PC to make it difficult for the user to recover the system. For example, they disable access to the registry, or the task manager. Removing the virus removes the threat, but many of these features no longer work because they have been disabled using various low-level techniques. And, in the long run, it can be quite a nuisance.

Formatting is cutting to the chase. We delete the entire system and reinstall it from scratch. We can also use the Windows reset functions that allow us to do the same, but automatically and more easily. But, although it is the best solution after an infection, this is not, by far, the most practical option. And much less having tools like Windows Malware Effects Remediation Tool.

What is Windows Malware Effects Remediation Tool for?

This program is an open source tool whose main objective is to help us recover the system after an infection. While antiviruses usually limit themselves to eliminating the threat from the PC, but they don’t usually apply corrections to undo the damage caused by the virus, thanks to Windows Malware Effects Remediation Tool we will be able to precisely undo these changes so that Windows works fully again normal.

This tool allows us re-enable most features that usually disable antivirus, such as:

  • Registry editor.
  • Task Manager.
  • Command prompt, or CMD.
  • User account control.
  • Wallpaper or theme settings.
  • Color settings.
  • Run.
  • Windows key.

It can also reset many features disabled by malware, such as:

  • The icons of the .exe and the .txt.
  • The shell key.
  • The Userinit key.

And it undoes many other changes that these threats often make, such as:

  • It removes the “critical process” property of the malware.
  • Undo keyboard restrictions.
  • Toggles the primary mouse button.

All this from a very simple and clear interface. Simply download the program, run it, and we will find a window like the following:

With a simple click we will be able to undo any of the changes made by the malware so that the blocked functions or tools work again. And, if we prefer, we can also perform a complete and automatic repair of the system to forget about everything else.

It will be enough with a restart so that, finally, we can turn the page and forget about the virus that has tried to make our lives impossible.

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