Do not install Windows 11 if you have an AMD CPU or you will have problems

Yesterday we told you how the new security mechanisms in Windows 11 made CPUs compatible with Windows 11 from both Intel and AMD lose performance. Well, this time we have to talk about the brand represented by the color red, and it is that they have officially recognized that the performance of their processors is affected by the new Microsoft operating system.

Why are AMD Ryzen CPUs losing performance in Windows 11?

AMD has officially confirmed that its Windows 11 compatible Ryzen processors have two issues that impact their performance under the eleventh version of the world’s most popular operating system.

The first of these is the fact that latency with the L3 cache can be increased up to three timesLet’s not forget that in the Zen architecture the L3 cache is located inside each CCD and despite being the last level it is not in a shared space, in such a way that it is necessary to access another CCD and all this with enormous latency . In Zen 3 they decided to adopt the 8-core CCD, but instead of using a crossbar to intercommunicate the cores they decided to use a ring to simplify the infrastructure within the CCD itself.

AMD CPU performance Windows 11

Regarding performance, the fact that the latency with the L3 cache increases up to three times more is fatal, the information capture system of the CPU assumes that the access latency to the caches is lower than the RAM. So much so that performance losses you can go between 3% and 15% when using Windows 11.

The second problem comes more from AMD than not from Microsoft. As you well know, the most modern PC CPUs sometimes place one or two cores at a higher speed than others. Well, it seems that in Windows 11 the localization of processes is not done in the best of the kernels when they need it. Which especially affects the CPU with more than 8 cores and consumptions above 65 W.

Is my AMD processor under Win 11 compromised?

Clarification AMD CPU AMD Windows 11

No, not really, although those of Lisa Su recommend that if you have to update to the new Redmond OS you wait for the first update of the operating system to come out, which will be released this month of October, in theory, date in which AMD itself will also launch a patch in order to solve the problem of the distribution of processes. So for now recommend continuing in Windows 10.

So we are not facing a problem that will not have a short-term solution, so if you have a Ryzen CPU that is compatible with Windows 11, you have updated and you have found a loss of performance in the applications, now you know to what is due. So you’ll only have to wait a few weeks for Redmond and Santa Clara to release their respective patches.

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