Do not miss it: being a Front-End programmer, supporting the Indies and more

Do you want to program Frontend? All you need to know

Working as a programmer is a very abstract concept. You do not learn programming and, from there, it is good for everything. Depending on what we want to program, it will be necessary to know one or the other things. For example, to create games it will be necessary to know the engines and a language such as JavaScript or C ++. For Android, Java. For iOS, Swift. But what about web pages?

A website is divided into two parts. On the one hand, we have the backend, everything that runs on the server, and on the other, the frontend, what the user sees. And depending on the side we program from, we will need espers specialized in one thing or another.

The streamer Juani Gallo has shared on social networks a diagram in which we can see everything we have to know when programming in frontend. Although everything starts directly from HTML, we do not go anywhere without knowing CSS, JavaScript, SASS and various frequently used frameworks.

A scheme that, if you are interested in programming, you should save and have on hand when choosing what to learn.

Sony, in favor of Indie games

We normally associate the triple A games, or large productions, to the main developers, while Indie games are usually associated with smaller companies and, therefore, are of poorer quality. Although, in truth, there are independent games much better than some big productions, and they are more honest.

Large companies, such as Sony or Microsoft, have long supported the development of many independent games. But now, Sony has gone one step further. The giant responsible for PlayStation has just announced support for the initiative known as «Indie Game Incubator“, created by Marvelous. Thanks to this initiative, which will also have the support of Microsoft, it is intended to help independent developers to create and distribute their games to give them visibility that, from scratch, is very difficult to achieve.

Of course, a great movement that we hope will soon bear fruit. We can know everything about this initiative through its website.

Update your programs

And, how could it be less, we also have a good variety of programs available to update.

  • Sandboxie Plus: thanks to this program we will be able to run all kinds of programs on our computer and open any file, even downloaded from the Internet, without endangering our PC. What it does is enable a safe and isolated space in memory so that everything you do will stay within that space. And, when we get tired, we can erase it directly. The new version 0.8.9c of this program focuses on correcting a bug that affected the sessions created with it. We can update from your website.
  • Sweet Home 3D: Do you like interior design? This free program will help us design the house, or the flat, of our dreams. We can design the interior of our house in 2D and then activate the 3D view to see how all the elements would look. Unlike other much more advanced CAD programs, you do not need any special knowledge to use this software. The new version 6.6 of the program adds new icons, optimizes the interface for HiDPI and fixes some bugs. We can download this version from here.

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