Do not miss the ADSLZone Awards 2021, more than 60 products are raffled!

Like every year, we are going to celebrate ADSLZone Group Awards for Technological Excellence 2021, and this year we already reached the XI Edition. To do this, for the second year in a row we are going to hold a live streaming awards ceremony on the Clipset channel, where we will not only reward the best manufacturers and products of the year (including, of course, hardware), but we will also raffle more than 60 products technological. Are you going to miss it?

Write it down in the agenda so you don’t forget: today November 23 at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish time) on the channel Clipset This new edition of the ADSLZone Awards begins. It will be an enjoyable and fun streaming, in which we will tell you which have been the best products and manufacturers of the year and, throughout the transmission, an infinity of products will be raffled off, ranging from a good handful of “smart” devices to very high-end smartphones. but that very high.

Participate in the ADSLZone 2021 Awards draws

Above these lines we leave you the video in which you can see the live, although we have also left you the link to the Clipset channel above in case you want to participate live with your comments. In any case, this is an appointment that you cannot miss because, as we have already mentioned, in addition to telling you which have been the best products of the year, we are going to raffle more than 60 devices in total for a value of more than 12,000 Euros.

All draws will be announced in the ADSLZone Twitter during the live streaming, where you will find the instructions to participate and the links to the raffles. There is no limit, which means that you can participate in all of them, so we urge you to be attentive both to the streaming and to the ADSLZone Twitter if you do not want to miss the opportunity to get a good handful of gifts.

The best manufacturers and products of 2021

AZ Awards 2021

As every year, in this live event you will be able to meet the best products and services of the year, among 32 different categories that include from the best smartphones of the year to the best desktop PC. As in previous years, HardZone will also have its own categories and winners, which we will reveal a bit later.

This afternoon the winners will be revealed in live streaming through the Clipset channel from 7:00 p.m. (Spanish time), and of course we will leave you here who have been the lucky winners of these ADSLZone Group Awards for Technological Excellence 2021. On the other hand, tomorrow, November 24, it will be time for the traditional gala dinner in which we will present the physical prizes to the lucky winners.

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