Do not pay by PayPal without taking into account these risks

When buying online we can make the payment through different methods. We can use bank cards, transfers, cash on delivery… But a very common and interesting method is PayPal. However, some factors must be taken into account, since we could put our security at risk if we make mistakes. In this article we are going to talk about what to avoid if you are going to pay by PayPal on the Internet.

Errors when paying with PayPal on the Internet

Keep in mind that PayPal is one of the most reliable payment methods on the Internet and that our purchases are protected. But that happens as long as you are going to pay directly through official means. Hackers can design different scams to steal data, passwords or money. For this reason, action should be taken.

fake addresses

One of the scams is when we come across a PayPal address that is fake. We are going to make a payment, we put the corresponding e-mail of that supposed online store or physical person to whom we are going to send money, but we are really sending it to an account that has nothing to do with it.

Hackers can use these types of fake addresses to steal money. They will scam victims into believing that they are paying for a legitimate product, to the correct address. However, they are actually sending it to a different account.

Attacked pages

Something similar can happen with pages that have been attacked. We may arrive at a legitimate website, where we can make a payment, but an attacker has taken advantage of a vulnerability to modify links, prices or simply intercept the victim’s account to take control.

It is important that whenever you access a page of this type you make sure that the URL is correct, you are paying the correct price and the address to which you send that payment is what it should be.

Attacks through Microsoft Office

fake apps

They can also use fake programs. They can create or modify applications to intercept payment, personal data, etc. This is something that can happen especially on mobile phones, which is where we most often use this type of software to make purchases or pay online.

To avoid this, it is essential that you download the applications from official sources. You can go to the PayPal website or use guarantee application stores, such as Google Play. In this way you make sure that this software has been previously reviewed.

additional payments

An attacker can also ask for additional payment for an alleged item that you have purchased. For example, send you an email saying that there has been a problem in customs and you must pay a fee or that the shipping costs were not included in what you have already paid when making the purchase.

Once again, here you must keep common sense and be suspicious whenever you come across this type of e-mail. Look for information in case of doubts, ask directly to the legitimate store where you made the payment, etc.

In short, as you can see, paying through PayPal is safe, but you can always come across some scams. It is essential that you take action and do not make mistakes that could expose your network security. There are different methods to steal from us through PayPal and you should always be prepared.

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