Do not pay more on your electricity bill! Make these changes in your living room now

What to do to spend less light in the living room

To save on bill It must be taken into account that we must maintain control of all the connected devices, but also carry out some small changes or adjustments. Regardless of the contracted rate, we can always spend more or less depending on the use we make of the devices.

Use power strips to end phantom consumption

A part of the expense that we have each month is the phantom consumption. It can amount to between 7 and 10% of the total bill. And yes, in the living room you can have a constant consumption that you don’t know really exists. Controlling it can help you pay less each month and thus save on the bill.

How can you avoid ghost consumption in the living room? A good idea is to turn off each of the devices you have there. For example the television, video player, speakers, game console, maybe a charger, etc. This should be done whenever you don’t use them. But of course, we often forget about it and let it go. To prevent this from happening, a good idea is to use rulers.

What you are going to do is basically turn off the power strip when you are not in the living room and you do not need any of these connected devices. This way you will prevent them from consuming, even minimally. Only the red LED illuminated on the television when it is in Stand By will incur a cost.

Advantages of using a smart power strip

Do not connect devices that you do not need to the television

Also keep in mind that each device you connect to the television will increase consumption. For example, connecting speakers, game consoles, hard drives… Everything will need power to function properly. If you have something like this always connected, you will be wasting light.

Therefore, what you should do is avoid connecting devices that you are not really going to need. Check well what you have connected and turn it off when you don’t use it. Do not have speakers if you are not going to use them or a game console if you are simply going to watch television.

Use good lighting

The illumination it can also account for a significant part of total spending. It is true that a light bulb is not comparable to what an appliance can consume, such as the television itself. But in the end the sum of everything can be an important part of the total.

Our advice is that you check the lighting in the room well. Install LED bulbs if you use an older type, distribute the lights well and try to take advantage of sunlight as much as possible.

Be careful with the temperature

Keep a good temperature in the living room is something we always look for. Whether it is summer or winter, we can use certain devices to raise or lower the temperature. The problem is when we misuse heating or air conditioning. There we can consume a lot without being really necessary.

What can you do? It is best to control the temperature. You can always use smart sensors to maintain the proper degrees. Of course, it is a good idea that you have a good Wi-Fi connection so that it works well. The ideal is to keep the temperature at around 19-21 degrees in winter. You don’t need it to be more. Likewise, in summer you will not need it to be less than 23-24 degrees.

Avoid old gadgets

On the other hand, you can also save energy in the living room if you change the older appliances. For example, a current television, with an LED screen, will consume much less than an old television. Although in the short term it is an investment, over time you will make it profitable with total security.

You can apply the same to any device you have in the living room. If you use older models, keep in mind that they can consume quite a bit of electricity. A change may be the solution to pay less.

As you can see, saving on the electricity bill with some changes in the living room is possible. It is always a good idea to control the cost of household appliances and especially in those areas where several are concentrated is where we should pay more attention.

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