Do not risk when buying online, use these virtual cards

These methods are implemented in most current stores by default so that we can choose the payment method that interests us the most without taking risks. But it is also true that there are many who still mistrust these platforms and are reluctant to introduce their usual bank card. It is true that we have intermediaries that offer us even more security, such as happens in the case of PayPalamong other similar proposals.

But at the same time we can use other alternatives so as not to take risks when we make purchases on the Internet. Specifically, we are referring to the possibility of using certain virtual cards so that we do not have to introduce the ones we normally use in these stores. One of the main advantages offered by the virtual cards What we are referring to here is that we can recharge them with the amount to be paid and thus there is no possibility of being robbed.

As you can imagine, this is how we avoid using the card that we have linked to our bank account and where we have our savings. It is for all this that we will talk about some of these virtual cards that you can contract right now and thus avoid risks in online purchases.


Here we are before one of the most used proposals of this type and that has been with us for quite some time. It is a card that has a fee of zero euros at this time, we will only have to pay for your shipment a total of 6 euro. It is a perfect option to pay online since we can recharge it from 10 euros with our mobile at no cost. Of course, we need to open an account at the bank to have this virtual card.

virtual card N26

Secondly, we will talk about a virtual Mastercard card to pay online without commissions. In addition, it has support so that we can use it through platforms as popular as Apple Pay either Google Pay and thus pay with the mobile. It is worth noting that this virtual card gives us the opportunity to withdraw cash at ATMs that have NFC support up to three times a month at no cost.


This is a lifelong bank that also gives us the chance to benefit from its virtual card for online purchases. Keep in mind that here we will have a maximum limit of 600 euros and we need to have a Bank account as such. The minimum recharge that we can make on this virtual card is 6 euros and we can pay online at no cost.

Vivid virtual card

One of the main characteristics that this virtual card offers us is that we can use it without any identification. This means that the card as such does not have a number, CVVeither Date of Expiry. All the associated data is found in the Vivid mobile application where we will have to open an account. The only cost that this card has is one euro for its issuance.

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