Do not spend so much money, the MacBook Air M1 is your Apple computer

Just a few weeks ago Apple launched the long-awaited MacBook Air M2, with a new design and, above all, with Apple’s M2 chip. However, its predecessor, the MacBook Air M1, continues to be sold both at Apple and in other establishments, so in this post we want to tell you if this computer is still a good purchase option.

Features of the MacBook Air M1

Usually one falls into the error that when a new device comes on the market, its predecessor is banished and forgotten, when really this should not be the case and the MacBook Air M1 is a good example of this. This Apple laptop is still a really interesting option for a large majority of users who do not have very high demands when buying a laptop.

If a few weeks ago, when the Cupertino company had not yet launched the MacBook Air M2, we affirmed that the MacBook Air M1 was a device with very good features, this has not been able to change in such a short space of timeand is that this computer continues to have a really good performance, caused by the presence of Apple’s M1 chip.

Its design is ideal for be able to use it in mobilityand despite the fact that it does not have fans, it is capable of manage heat in an incredible way, making the user experience very satisfactory. Obviously, based on specifications Whatever you choose, the MacBook Air will be able to carry out more or less powerful tasks such as video editing or photography, in fact, there are many professionals in this field who use this equipment to carry out all their audiovisual creations, Although conceptually the MacBook Air has always been associated with users with very basic needs such as text editing, web browsing and little else.

MacBook Air M2 Midnight

Yes ok, surely the MacBook Air M2, is something more appetizing due to the novelties it presents, taking into account that striking and attractive design change, for many users that plus offered by this new laptop is not entirely worth paying the price difference, which we will talk about below, that exist between one generation and another.

For price, is it worth it?

Whenever we talk about the purchase of a computer, one of the values ​​that must be taken into account the most is the famous quality/price ratio, and of course, there will be few devices that are capable of equaling or surpassing the MacBook Air M1 in this regard. It is true that it has a design that is already widely seen for Apple laptops, but after all, if we focus on functional aspects, the MacBook Air M1 is still up there with practically the best, especially for the price it has.

Review MacBook Air M1 Apple Silicon

The Cupertino company sells this MacBook Air from 1219 euros in its most basic configuration, but as we say it can be modified according to the needs of each user. In addition, you also have to keep in mind that there are usually different discounts on Amazon that make buying this computer really appealing, with an even lower price than the one offered by Apple in its store.

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