Do not think about it! Train now with these free online courses

These courses are available for free for a very limited timeTherefore, if we want to take advantage of them to access them, we must decide quickly. Many of the courses that Udemy offers free of charge are in English, although there are also some in Spanish. It will only be necessary to add them to the basket and we will see how their value is free so we do not have to pay anything.

Free programming courses

Web programming has become a highly demanded work tool with a wide job prospects. In the same way, and even if it is not for work reasons, we may be interested in delving into this field if we would like to be able to design our own website.

The Basic Java course for Recruiters and Non-Programmers can be found at Spanish. It is not just a basic programming course, but it also serves as an introduction to junior Java profiling screening. The course includes 4 hours of video on demand and 2 mock exams. It is aimed at anyone with basic knowledge of the Internet and Windows environment.

Another option goes through the course HTML & CSS – Certification Course for Beginners, in English, which provides an in-depth look at the basics of HTML and CSS coding. It will teach us to work with HTML spaces, text formats, lists, images, embedded videos, etc. In addition, it has a practical project that will help us solidify the concepts that will be studied during the course.

Learn to handle Adobe programs

Adobe is a leading company with several of the most widely used programs in the business sector. These courses will help us manage some of your most important programs.

On the one hand, we have the Adobe Animate 2021 Ultimate Course, in English, aimed at helping people quickly master Adobe Animate. It is intended for both beginners and experienced users of Adobe applications. With it we will learn to provide ourselves with the knowledge and skills we need to master Adobe Animate.

We can also opt for the Adobe After Effects 2021 Ultimate Course, at English. This is a course aimed at both beginners and experts who want to learn to master After Effects from Adobe. At the end of the course it will allow us to acquire an almost complete domain of Premiere Pro even if we are a user without previous knowledge.

Other free courses

Other courses that we can also find for free and that may be of interest to us are:

We can choose the Stock Market Inestopedia course: Investing, Trading & Shorting, in English. This course will allow us to learn to trade, invest and choose stocks like a professional, teaching us to know everything necessary about the stock market, learn theories and different ways of investing.

We also find the Philosophy of Astrobiology course, in English. This course is especially suitable for lovers of astrobiology, a scientific field that studies the origins, evolution, distribution and future of life in the universe. Especially suitable for teachers and students of Philosophy.

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