Do not use the cloud for this or you will have problems, and not only security

In these cases you should not use the cloud

It is important that you avoid making certain mistakes or being overconfident when using the cloud. Your files could be compromised in certain circumstances and it is always advisable to be careful so that this does not happen. These cases that we are going to show are some in which you should avoid using the cloud.

Single backup

An error is to create a cloud backup, on a specific platform, and bet only on that option. Although having backup copies in the cloud is a very good idea, it is not so good to believe that just one is enough to avoid losing files at any time.

The ideal is to always have at least a couple of backup copies. For example, use a physical hard drive and another in the cloud. You can also make a backup copy automatically every time you update one of them. But risking only a copy in the cloud can be a risk.

Save or share passwords

You should also not use the cloud to store access keys or create a file to share those passwords with other people. Even if these people are completely trustworthy and are not going to do anything wrong, that does not mean that at any given moment there may be a leak in that cloud service, that an intruder has access to your account, etc.

To share or save passwords you can use other better methods. An example is key managers, which are reliable and some also allow you to share them with other people without risk.

Tips for creating cloud backups

Upload sensitive information

Something similar can happen with sensitive information that you upload to the network. You should not store documents in the cloud that contain personal data or any information that could compromise you, other people or any company you are working for.

Likewise, there could be leaks or any problem that puts the security of what you are uploading to the cloud at risk. It is better to avoid storing information that may be sensitive and look for other more secure alternatives.

Relying on the cloud to access important files

A common mistake is to save documents or files in the cloud and think that at any time we will be able to access them. For example a plane ticket, train ticket, etc. We can think that we simply enter the cloud when we need it and that’s it, we can access that file without problems.

But what if you don’t have internet at the time? What if for some reason the cloud platform you use doesn’t work just when you need to access that file? Be careful with that and avoid relying on the cloud when you need to access files that are important for a given moment to be able to enter a plane or a train, following the examples that we have given.

In short, as you can see, using the cloud is something very useful and also advisable, but it must be done with caution. It is not necessary to play it in certain circumstances, since we could have problems.

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