Do not use your card to pay at Amazon, there is another safer method

We only have to take a look and carry out a series of searches on the official website of the platform to realize that we can buy almost everything. At the same time and thanks to the enormous turnover of this proposal that we are discussing, on many occasions we are going to find really interesting prices. We can also take advantage of the specific offers that this internet storeor its modality of reconditioned products.

All this in order to save a few euros when making purchases online and receive them comfortably at home. In addition, we can always subscribe to its Amazon Prime modality and thus benefit from its many advantages. Parallel to the free shipping, with this subscription we will also have a service of streaming video and another of music so that we can enjoy these contents.

But of course, as is usual in these online shopping platforms, a very important section is everything related to security. Thus, Amazon offers us several payment methods, all of them with their due protection, so that we can choose the one that interests us most in each case. Normally we opt for the usual bank cards, whether debit or credit, which we add as default payment method.

Add and use your Amazon bank account

The possibility of using the Bank account Instead of the usual card, it offers us some interesting advantages that we should take advantage of. It is worth mentioning that this is a payment method that we have available for a relatively short time and that many Amazon regulars still do not know about. Perhaps one of the main advantages that the possibility of using the account instead of the card offers us is that the charge is not made until the products are shipped as such, with the security that this provides us.

And it is that sometimes we buy certain things on Amazon that take a few days to be sent, however, the charge is made to the card immediately. This is something that will not happen if we choose to add and use the account as way to pay and we can cancel the order without being charged before. In turn, in the event that said payment is divided into several, these will be added independently and we will see them like this, independently, in the bank statement. At the same time we must bear in mind that sometimes we do not have the possibility of using the card.

This can be given because we have reached the monthly limit, or because it has been blocked for some reason and it is impossible to make the payment. If we use this alternative method that we are talking about, we will not have those problems that are more common than we would like.

We must also keep in mind that we have the possibility of adding money to our Amazon account in order to establish daily, weekly or monthly limits, for example.

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