Do the photos disappear when we delete ourselves from Instagram and Facebook?

Whether we like it or not, social networks have a large fashion component. Sometimes we sign up for more than one platform because everyone is on it. And then, we may not like that network, we may not know how to use it or directly, we may not have enough time to create content. And in this situation, many directly consider deleting their profiles. In the case of Instagram and Facebook, What happens when we delete our accounts?

Is it worth deleting an account on a social network?

There are a thousand reasons why you would want delete an account on a social network. Lack of use, invasion of your privacy, dissatisfaction with the position of the company behind the application, etc. However, there are many people who do not dare to delete their social network profiles, because they do not know what will happen to their profiles after the last step.

Instagram and Facebook belong to the same company, Meta. For this reason, they share the same philosophy in many of their functionalities. In both cases, we can both deactivate how to delete our accounts.

Deactivate a Facebook or Instagram account

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This process allows deactivate the account and reactivate it whenever you want. It is useful for when you go on vacation or simply, if you want to take a break from the social network.

Deactivating an Instagram or Facebook account is temporary. During the process, no one can see your profile. Nor will you appear in the searches of either of the two networks. Of course, it is possible that there are traces of the private messages that you have sent on either of the two platforms. On Facebook, any Page managed by you will also be disabled (unless that Page has more administrators).

Your Facebook or Instagram account will be reactivated the moment you log in again.

Delete a Facebook or Instagram account

Reasons to leave Facebook

The removal process is similar on the two networks. As soon as you delete your account, you will not be able to take control of it again. However, both Instagram and Facebook have a margin of several months so that you can cancel deletion in case of regret.

Once the removal is complete, the photos and comments you have made on either of these two networks will disappear. However, the same will happen as in the previous case with the messages that you have sent privately. Your contacts will continue to save the sending history, although your account will appear as deleted.

If you manage any kind of community on facebook and you want to delete your profile permanently, it is convenient that before starting the process, you delegate absolute control of the page to another user. Otherwise, the entire community will also disappear as soon as your user is removed.

Finally, the deletion of the Facebook account also affects any service that you have started through its OAuth. If you have signed up for a digital service with your Facebook account, you will lose that account as well. Therefore, be careful if you have invested money in an app store (such as the Oculus store) or have any type of credit account that you access with your Facebook profile.

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