Do they copy the AirPods Pro? Yes, but they do it very well

Within the market for wireless headphones, the possibilities that each user can find are enormous, this being fortunate, since the vast majority end up finding the one that best suits their needs. Well, the Nothing ear (1) are surely the headphones that have the best quality/price ratio of all, and on top of that they cost less than 100 euros.


If you are a user who has a large number of Apple devices, you will surely consider AirPods as your first option for wireless headphones, and if what you are looking for is good noise cancellation, the AirPods Pro are ideal for it. Well, how would you stay if I told you that there are headphones that are practically the same as these but that they don’t cost more than 100 euros?

Those headphones we are talking about are the Nothing ear (1), the great bet of the new British company that has fully entered the technological world with this fantastic product. Aesthetically there is no doubt about the great inspiration they have had in Apple headphonesalthough yes, they have managed to give it their personal touch that makes them really attractive and striking.

However, not everything is aesthetic, since if we talk about sound qualityI really have to praise the work they have done with them, obviously they are not the best in the world, but they offer a really good user experience. The same goes for the Noise Cancellationwhich is perhaps a step below that of the AirPods Pro, but which is undoubtedly capable of isolating you from all outside noise when you need it.

Now, the best of all is yet to come, and it is that if in terms of performance there is little to blame these Nothing ear (1), when you know the price at which you can buy it, you will be speechless, because as you we have commented, there is no one that is able to offer so much at such a low price. Currently you can find them for 89.99 euros on Amazon, both in white and black.


Obviously not everything works perfectly, since otherwise we would be talking about the best headphones on the market, and this is not the case, although they are not very far away. The inconveniences come mainly for the users of an Apple ecosystemsince, as always, when interacting with different apple devices, the compatibility and synchronization that AirPods have, other headphones will never have.

Nothing ear (1)

This is really the great disadvantage of the Nothing ear (1), it is up to each user to give it more or less importance depending on their needs, since whenever you want to switch devices, you will have to disconnect the headphones from the current one, and connect them with the other one. However, if this is not important to you, without a doubt you are facing the best option that you can find within the entire wireless headphone market, since although it is not they do not have a 10 in anything, yes we could give it an 8 in all aspectsrelevant from headphones.

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