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At the moment in which we decided to buy a laptop instead of a desktop one, in most cases it means that we want to take advantage of its portability. Of course, there are extremely important elements here, as is the case, for example, with the battery that integrates the equipment.

Regardless of the processor or the RAM that its manufacturer makes available to us, the element that manages autonomy must be taken into account. Obviously we are referring to the battery that this type of portable equipment offers us. The capacity and health of it directly affects the time that we can use the computer without having access to electricity. This is very important for both professionals and home users who need this portability.

This way they will be able to carry out all kinds of tasks with their computer, but without the need to depend on a plug. Surely many of you have seen first-hand that, with use, the batteries of our laptops They lose effectiveness and efficiency. That is why it is recommended in these cases to take certain measures to take care of this important component. And it is that in certain cases and modes of use it is we ourselves who damage that battery little by little.

It is for all these reasons that we are going to talk about a simple tool that will be very helpful for you. extend battery life. Actually, it is not a complex program that will allow us to carry out these tasks, quite the opposite.

Extend the life of your laptop battery with this trick

To achieve all this that we tell you and thus have a greater autonomy and useful life of the battery of our laptop, we are going to use a specific program. This is the app called Battery Limiter. As its name suggests, it is a app focused on the use of this important element that we are talking about now.

It is worth mentioning that it is a free application that we can install quickly and easily on our computer and that barely consumes resources. Despite all this, it will be very helpful to extend the life of the battery, as we mentioned. Basically, all of this focuses on controlling the loading speed of this element while the program works in the background. In addition, it tries avoid overload of the component as such.

battery limiter

In this way and based on this important data, we will be able to know exactly the moment in which we are most interested in disconnecting the charger. This process is perfect to ensure that the life of said battery is extended over time. The main reason for all this is that we try to optimize the charging period as much as possible and not damage the component. This is something that can occur if we work with the laptop plugged into the mains and cause an overload on the battery. Thanks to this application we avoid this type of inconvenience and thus in the long run we will gain in autonomy and battery life per se.

All this through the small window that we can minimize and leave running in the system. So Battery limiter It will show us all the interesting information about the status of this element and will notify us with an audible alarm when we must disconnect the mains cable. Of course, we have the possibility of modifying the setting of the application the limit of percentage of battery so that it warns us of that disconnection.

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