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For many, the different social networks available today are an important part of their lives. There are platforms of these characteristics more focused on leisure, others on information, in the professional sector, and more. Among the most popular we can make a special mention of LinkedIn, TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

Thanks to these platforms that we are talking about, we have the opportunity, in one way or another, to share all kinds of experiences and knowledge with the rest of the users. First of all, the first thing we must bear in mind is that in these social networks we must maintain the forms and pay attention to their use policies. This is something that, as many of you will already know firsthand, is not always achieved.

Here we have some alternatives that focus on the use of texts, others for Photosand even the videos. Along these same lines, we want to focus on a social network that has been with us for a long time and that is represented by a blue bird, Twitter. Basically here we can share with all our followers small pieces of text, multimedia content and links. It is one of the most used information sources in the world at the moment, which does not mean that it is the most truthful.

Despite all this, millions of users are attentive to the publications of others due to the interest they arouse. However, on many occasions we have already heard that undesirable actions are carried out related to the personal accounts of many users. This can lead us to, unwittingly, lose count because someone stole it from us and we no longer have access to it.

Protect your Twitter account so that no one steals it

Precisely to prevent this type of action by malicious users, the heads of Twitter offer us some security features. Here we are going to show you how to protect your account by adding a additional barrier prevent us from losing it. Specifically, we refer to the possibility of making use of the Authentication functionality in two phases.

As we mentioned, by activating and customizing this feature we add a new secure filter to protect our account from social network of the blue bird. Once we are authenticated in it, we only have to click on the section that says More options.

twitter options

Here we will find certain sections that will allow us to customize many aspects of our Twitter account. In the case that concerns us today, to protect it by adding the new commented filter, we click on Security and account access / Security. In the new window that appears on the screen we will already have the possibility of activating and configuring the security function that we are commenting on here.

For all this we only have to click on the link that says Authentication in two phases to use the protection method that most interests us. So we can establish that second filter through a text message that will reach us at our telephone. We can also use a specific authentication application or a physical USB key to reconnect to the computer as an additional security method.

twitter authentication

It must be taken into account that the twitter platform It will request this second authentication measure if it detects strange movements when trying to access our account. Thus we will not only depend on the password that we established when creating it

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