Do this with your stoves and you will save a lot of light this winter

How to spend less light when using stoves

The stoves They can consume a significant part of the electricity bill. This can happen mainly if we use them wrong, we don’t place them correctly or the device we use is not efficient at all. Therefore, taking into account some recommendations can come in handy.

Use the right level

Normally the stoves have different levels that we can put. The older the chosen level, more it will heat but it will also consume more electricity. If you put the maximum level, it will be using the maximum of the power that it can use. Therefore, you would be consuming more electricity than if you use a lower level.

Choose well which level you are going to use. You may not need to turn the stove on full to heat a room or maintain the temperature. This will allow you to save a lot on electricity consumption. The lower the level, the more savings you can achieve.

Schedule on or off

Some stoves have a timer. This allows you to program them to turn off after a while. It is useful in order to avoid consuming electricity all night, for example. But programming the ignition can also be interesting to heat a room at a certain time.

How can we program a stove that does not have this integrated function? That’s where they come into play smart plugs. They are useful for programming the on or off of devices of this type. Even from your mobile, without being at home, you can give the order to turn a stove on or off.

You can see some smart plugs:

don’t put anything in front

This error is common and the truth is that it will cause waste heat. That will force you to have to use a higher level to be able to heat a room. This happens, for example, if you put wet clothes near the stove to dry. Also if you put the stove near a piece of furniture, a wall or anything that does not allow air to circulate well.

Therefore, the ideal way to avoid wasting energy is to place the stove in a place free of obstacles, from where it can heat without wasting resources.

save light at night

Try to improve the isolation

Although it is not something that directly affects the stove itself, it can allow you to save energy. For example, maybe you want keep temperature of a room at 20 degrees. To reach that temperature, you will need to keep the stove on for more or less time, also depending on the insulation.

If the windows have good thermal insulation, that means that heat will not escape as easily. If you connect the stove for a few hours, it will maintain the temperature for longer without having to turn it back on. Therefore, this way you will also save on the electricity bill.

In short, as you can see, you can take into account some tips to save on the electricity bill when you use the stoves. This will help you save money and at the same time maintain a good temperature in your home.

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