Do Warzone cheats exist on consoles? Strike Pack is the problem

The beginnings of war zone were marked by cheating players. Infinity Ward has been working all this time to detect and banish them from the game. After the application of the Richochet software and the occasional update of the video game, things began to calm down. It is true that in the PC version it is more likely that we will find a “cheto” player, but in the console versions, the software cheats are much more limited. However, there are many gamers who cheat on Xbox and PlayStation with an accessory, and more than a few are asking Infinity Ward to detect and ban everyone who uses it from the online game.

Strike Pack, the accessory of bad players

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What kind of person cheats in an online game? The profile is something like someone who is a fan of a video game, but at the moment of truth, it could be said that they do not have any special skills when it comes to dealing with games. Most of us players who are real ones hitting shots usually suck it up and dream of the idea of ​​getting a little better with practice and try to find easy games in matchmaking or just create private games in Warzone with friends of the same level. Others simply resort to cheating.

For console gamers, enter cheat in online games it has become more difficult over the years. For this reason, they have had to look for alternatives to continue cheating. If you can’t manipulate the game with a program, you will have to resort to a controller that does the dirty work. And that’s what accessories like the Strike Pack.

On paper, a Strike Pack is nothing more than a accessory that connects to a controller to give a few extra features, like a couple of extra triggers or the ability to remap buttons. However, these accessories go a little further, which is not surprising considering that they are almost as expensive as the console controller itself. The Strike Pack allows the user schedule your own actions to execute complete sequences by pressing a single button. There are also mods that do functions of self pointed and balanced of the weapon so as not to lose sight due to recoil. They can even be connected by cable so that the controller has less input lag, and thus be able to have an advantage over the rest of the opponents, who will be using the Bluetooth controller. In short, a simple accessory you can get the same as with the cheat lifelongonly that, this time, it is even more difficult to detect these players.

Is it allowed to use modified controllers in Warzone?

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At this point, you may have doubts. Can these peripherals be used in Warzone? Will they catch me if I use them?

Well, if we go to the list of rules of Call of Duty Warzonethe developers have it clear: you can’t use a modified controller to take advantage of the video game. It doesn’t matter if you cheat with software or hardware. Any type of alteration that induces game lag, balances the weapon to prevent recoil, or aids aiming is totally banned in warzone. If we use these accessories for our Xbox or PlayStation controller, we risk receiving a minor infraction or even a serious one in case we are repeat offenders.

Let’s hope that Infinity Ward tightens its security measures and refines the way to detect players who use these types of methods. After all, they completely destroy the experience of those who do follow the rules.

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