Do we really need a Nintendo Switch Pro? Saber Interactive says no

During the last months we have been seeing numerous rumors centered around a hypothetical Nintendo Switch Pro, a console that, in theory, I was going from a new generation approach and that it could arrive sometime in 2021, although the most recent information pointed to 2022.

The point is that, in the end, the Nintendo Switch Pro did not materialize, and instead we find the Nintendo Switch OLED, an improved version of the original Nintendo console that comes with more storage capacity, uses an OLED panel and has other minor improvements. Its price is 349 euros, a reasonable figure considering these improvements.

Does this mean we won’t see a Nintendo Switch Pro? The answer is no, at least in the short and medium term, but it is clear that the big N will have to renew its console at some point, and that in the end we will end up seeing, sooner or later, a new generation Switch. With this in mind, I think the most important question we can ask ourselves right now is the one we see in the title of this article, do we really need a Nintendo Switch Pro?

Saber Interactive thinks we don’t need a Nintendo Switch Pro

The well-known developer has commented that “it is not something that we urgently need”, although at the same time she has made an argument that certainly seems to point in the opposite direction: “we have shown, together with other developers, that the impossible port does not exist«. This is a reference to triple-A game adaptations designed to run on more powerful consoles, including some fantastic work by Saber Interactive, such as The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Crysis Remastered Trilogy, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and World War Z.

The studio believes it has struck a perfect balance with its triple-A game adaptations to the Nintendo console, and therefore believes that it is still we are not at that “critical” moment where the launch of a Nintendo Switch Pro begins to be something truly necessary.

In this sense, I think it is important to note that Nintendo is being “helped” by the longevity of the previous generation of consoles, PS4 and Xbox One. Many of its games can be ported to Nintendo Switch Pro because it mounts, at final one Maxwell GPU with 256 shaders, and because only with scale the resolution and fine tune some details it is possible to achieve that minimum level of performance that is essential to achieve a playable experience.

With that in mind, the true turning point for Nintendo to face will be the definitive leap into the next generation. When the transition to PS5 and Xbox Series X is complete, the time will have come when that long-awaited Nintendo Switch Pro will not only make all the sense in the world, but it will be really necessary.

Personally, I miss the time when Nintendo stood out on the hardware level and offered games with an impressive visual finish. GameCube was the company’s last console to take that approach. since, with Wii, they totally changed strategy. Would you like Nintendo to regain that path with the Nintendo Switch Pro? The comments are yours.

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