Do you collect Funko Pop? Do not miss all these figures on offer

If you like collectibles, you almost certainly have more than one Funko Pop at home. If you want to increase your collection, today you are in luck, because there are a good number of figures that are on sale at the moment, some even for less than 10 euros per unit.

Increase your collection with these Funko Pop on sale for a limited time

If you want to expand your Funko Pop vinyl collection a bit, but want to save some money, here are some of the figures that are currently available with a reduction important:

Phoebe from Ghostbusters

We will start with this figure Phoebe’s Ghostbusters. It’s a bestseller, and right now you can buy it with a 15% discount.

King (Jakku)

The protagonist of the new Star Wars trilogy has a multitude of Funko Pop figures. In this model we can see Rey with the typical outfit she wore in episode VII, while she made a living selling scrap metal on Jakku. She is a Amazon exclusive figureand is currently on sale for 13.30 euros, which is a 37% discount compared to its usual price.

Value (Fortnite)

value fortnite.jpg

This Fortnite character has gone down in the history of the game because very few were able to get hold of his skin. Worth was part of Season 4 of Chapter 1 of the Battle Royale. The skin It was achieved by taking the battle pass to level 71. Come on, you had to have a good aim to get the unlockable. If you are interested, you can get the figure for less than 10 euros.

Scar (The Lion King)

scar lion king funko.jpg

I’m sure you don’t like Scar very much, but if you’re into collecting villain figures, or if you simply need this character to complete your The Lion King vinyl collection, today could be a great opportunity. You can get the Scar doll for €9.99.

Harry Potter

The figure of the young wizard of Hogwarts is also on sale at the moment, and you can get him with a 20% discount regarding its recommended PVP.

Young Anna and Young Elsa (Frozen 2)

funko young elsa anna.jpg

The Frozen Funko Pop collection is also very varied. Among the figures we can also find the versions of Anna and Elsa when they were little. At the moment, these two figures are also discounted, with a almost 30% discount.

young dracula

Another great seller in the Funko Pop catalog is this figure of Bram Stoker’s Draculawhich represents in great detail the character played by Gary Oldman. A real success and a figure that cannot be missing from your collection if you keep a lot of love from that movie.

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