Do you disagree with a DGT fine? claim online

Over the years, and especially those of us who have been driving for several years with our corresponding valid license, we have received a fine. Generally these come from the DGT or General direction of traffic and they usually suppose a displeasure, of greater or lesser amount. It can be a fine in which we have exceeded a speed limit, because we have parked in a prohibited place or many other reasons.

Many of these fines DGT that arrive suddenly, we can pay them in a certain period of time and thus save a good percentage. However, we must also bear in mind that we are not always going to agree with the infraction of which we are accused. And it is that as with all organizations, even if they are official, they can make mistakes. Therefore, if we are dissatisfied with this infraction that has just arrived and that asks us for a certain financial outlaywe always have the possibility to file a claim.

To date, we had to do this in person at any of the traffic headquarters in our city. However, today and to speed up the process and make it more comfortable for us, we can carry it out over the Internet. Therefore, in the event that you find yourself in this unpleasant situation, below, we will tell you how to present the corresponding claims and online resources.

Claim DGT fines from home

The first thing that we must take into consideration is that, when claiming a fine from the General Directorate of Traffic, we must have arguments to present the claim. Otherwise the whole process could be a waste of time and even lose the economic savings due to premature payment. Once we are convinced that we are correct in that allegation and we do not agree with the penalty fee that has arrived, we sit in front of the PC and open our web browser. Next, we only have to access the official page of the DGT for these procedures.

It is also interesting to know in this sense that the processing of claims that we are going to present is something totally free. Likewise, we must bear in mind that, in order to present these allegations, we must provide the corresponding evidence within a period of less than 20 calendar days. If we later need to file an appeal for reversal, for this we have one month term.

From this website we can request an appointment to make the claim in person, but here the interesting thing is to do it online. Obviously, in order to carry out this procedure that we are talking about, we will have to identify ourselves digitally, something we do through the method Cl@ve. It can also serve us electronic ID if we have it. It is easy to imagine that if we pay the fine in the voluntary period to benefit from the discount that we mentioned before, we give up making claims, even if they are online.

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