Do you forget everything? Set your calendar as wallpaper on your computer

We are talking about the Calendar Task application, an application with which we can always have all the appointments of our calendar directly at hand from the Windows desktopan application that also allows us to add our Google account to synchronize the calendar at all times.

What Calendar Task offers us

Calendar Task allows us sync in real time all the appointments of our Google calendar, both those that we add or edit from our computer and from our smartphone or tablet, so we will never have an excuse if we miss any appointment or deadline. We just have to click on the date where we want to add an event or on the event to edit to add a new one or edit the existing one.

So that the application does not remain as a glob on the desktop, the design of the application is transparent. Within the configuration options, we can adjust the level of transparency and even delete it so that it stands out above all the shortcuts and files that we have on the desktop.

One of the features that many users regularly use in Google Calendar is the option that allows repeat events such as anniversaries, monthly payments, taking medication or any other type of entry in the agenda that we must repeat on a regular basis. The options that it offers us when adding repetitive events over time are the same that Google Calendar offers us from the web and from the application for mobile devices.

Within the customization options, we can adjust the size of the calendar so that it occupies the entire screen or adapt it to a specific size. It also allows us to set the number of weeks displayed as well as the number of columns, if we want the number of weeks to be displayed, show or hide the date in the application bar and much more. In addition, it also allows us to search the calendar, so once we get used to using it, we will no longer manage our agenda from a browser.

Google Calendar on Windows desktop

It allows us to select what font do we want to use in the application and the application is fully translated into Spanish. The only negative point of this fantastic application to view the Google calendar on the Windows desktop is that, when downloading it, Microsoft Defender can identify it as a malicious file. However, after analyzing it in Virus Total, the application is completely free of viruses, malware, spyware and others. The other negative point is that it only allows us to synchronize the Google calendar, we do not have the option to add the Outlook or iCloud calendar, for example. We can download Calendar Task for Windows and macOS through the following link. The use of this application is completely free.

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