Do you forget everything? Well, from now on, keep everything in these memories

Philips Snow Super Speed ​​128 GB

Currently USB memories have a large capacity and in most cases, their price is ridiculous. Years ago it was an essential element as it was the best solution for transporting files, now things have changed, but they are still useful. Philips is one of the leading manufacturers of flash drives, offering economic solutions and good capacity.

this memory Philips Snow has a capacity of 128GB, which is enough for day to day. We can store a huge amount of photos and video, as well as all kinds of documents. In addition, it makes use of the USB 3.0 interface, so read and write speeds are improved. But be careful, we must bear in mind that these memories are not designed to be especially fast.

Have a LED activity indicator, being able to visually see if it is receiving power and/or working. It is a particularly compact unit, being able to carry it in your pocket. If we have to say a defect, it is the lid, which always ends up being lost.

A very economical and large capacity solution.

Philips Snow Super Speed ​​128 GB

SanDisk USB-C 64GB

Smartphones are now used the least for, is to call. Instant text messages, social networks, audiovisual content or photography have become the most used functions. If you like to take photos and want to back them up, this SanDisk flash drive is excellent as it is compatible with USB-C Android smartphones.

This memory does not stand out for its capacity, since it only offers us a 64GB capacity. What really stands out about this unit is that it is based on a retractable USB-C port. This allows us to connect this storage memory to smartphone no need for adapters. Thus, we can easily transfer photos and videos, as well as access any type of stored file.

It makes use of this memory of the USB 3.1 interfacewhich enables Read speeds up to 150MB/s. We repeat, USB memories have never been characterized by being fast, they are a functional element. They are intended for small files, not large ones, because of this their performance is limited.

This USB memory is very interesting, since we can connect it to a PC or a smartphone without problems.

SanDisk USB-C 64GB

SanDisk Ultra Flair 512 GB

You may be one of those who wants a lot of capacity to store your most important data. If you want almost infinite capacity for hundreds or thousands of photos and other files, we have the solution. This SanDisk memory is huge and can store everything you need. Note that SanDisk is currently within Western Digital, who acquired it a few years ago.

The solution you offer us SanDisk is 512 GB, which means storing a huge amount of files. This unit is based on the USB 3.0 interfaceoffering speeds up to 150MB/s. It’s not bad compared to previous standards, but obviously, it’s less than any SSD drive.

Something interesting about this unit is that it has a resistant design thanks to an aluminum casing. It also has an opening designed to be able to be installed on a key ring and thus carry it more comfortably and avoid losing it.

Without a doubt, it is the most interesting option due to its enormous storage capacity.

SanDisk Ultra Flair 512 GB

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