Do you game in the cloud with NVIDIA GeForce Now? Buy your games here

If we are going to use our computer to spend those moments of leisure that almost all of us have every day, playing is a good way to do it. Thanks to the hardware available on our computers, we can enjoy the most recent titles released on the market in different ways. One of the ones that is gaining more and more importance is the one that proposes NVIDIA GeForce Now.

And we are at a time when everything related to the streaming games It has gone from science fiction to reality. This is something that we can already enjoy through various companies that offer us services of these characteristics. One of the most representative in the sector is the popular NVIDIA Geforce Now offered by this well-known graphics manufacturer.

Among the advantages offered by this type of platform, one of the most representative is the possibility of play from remote servers. This means that we run those titles that we want to enjoy at that moment on other computers through the internet. This means that we will be able to get the most out of these remote computers without the limitations of our own, and also without lag. The search giant Google offers us its own alternative of this type, Stadiawhile NVIDIA puts at our disposal Geforce Now.

But of course, despite all the functions and features that these services offer us, the most important thing here are the games that we can use. We tell you this because not all titles available on the global market are compatible with this system, for example.

Popular stores to stream games on Geforce Now

That is why we are going to talk about the availability at select PC game stores that allow us to enjoy this modality. First of all, we must bear in mind that this way of playing and thanks to the connections that we have, does not stop growing at the moment. In this way, those who have somewhat limited devices in terms of hardware specificationsthey will also be able to enjoy, but the most modern titles.

At the same time, those of you who are subscribed to the platform offered by the NVIDIA firm for all this, will be able to access games from the following stores:

  • Steam.
  • Epic Games Store.
  • Ubisoft.

Surely all of them are more than familiar to most of you. They allow us to directly access the compatible games that NVIDIA Geforce Now makes available to us. In addition, the number of proposals of this type that we can make use of is growing over time. In case you want to check what are the games compatible with the online service and the store where we can find itWe will tell you how to achieve it.

You have to know that the firm itself from its official website offers us a wide list of compatible games with this system and its corresponding stores. Therefore, all we have to do is access the official website and check the list of games that NVIDIA Geforce Now appears here.

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