Do you have a Mac Pro and want to buy the wheels? Take advantage of this 58% discount

We are all clear that it is a real madness to pay the more than 800 euros that the wheels of Apple’s Mac Pro cost. The good news is that this four-wheel kit that the new equipment launched together back in 2020 is not an accessory that offers you better power or improves some aspect of the equipment beyond the mobility that they offer us in heavy equipment, but its price is really exorbitant. Now the Apple wheel kit can be found with a price discount of more than 50% of its original price, you can buy these wheels for just over 350 euros.

They are still expensive despite the cut of more than half in the price

Mac wheels discount

Beyond the significant discount offered in the popular Amazon store for this Mac Pro wheel kit, they are still quite expensive for most of us. This wheel kit as an accessory is still available on the Apple website for more than 800 euros and although the reduction in the online store is good, it seems somewhat exaggerated by some wheels.

Beyond the funny comments that we can read in the ratings of this product on Amazon, the key is that those who can buy one of these Mac Pro now they also have the option of taking the wheels for a “tighter” price at least.

In any case and as we always say with this type of offers they will not always be at this price, Whether or not you find the current offer will depend on when you read this article. At the moment today, Thursday, November 18, 2021, you can find these wheels for the Mac Pro for just over 350 euros.

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