Do you have a PDF document in another language? so you can translate it

The first thing we need to do is open Windows File Explorer and locate the PDF file we need to translate. We right-click on it and within the context menu select “Open with” and choose Word. In case it does not appear, we click on “Choose another application” and select “Word”. In this way it will open with the Microsoft word processor.

This will cause Word to open the file as an editable text document, being optimized so that we can edit the text. Once opened, so that we can translate it into another language, we must first convert it to DOCX format. To do this, click on the “File” tab and select “Save As”. In the right panel we choose “Browse” and choose a name and a location for the file. Finally, click on “Save”.

Now that we have created the Word version of our PDF document we can translate its content. To do this, open it and click on the tab “Check”, which we find at the top of your ribbon. Then click on the option “Language”. This will open a menu where we choose “Translator” and “Translate document”.

word translate document

This will cause the Translator feature to open as a column to the right of the document. This will create a copy of translated using the service Microsoft Translator. Now we select the source language or let it detect it automatically and below choose Spanish as the target language. Finally, click on the button “Translate”.

Word Microsoft Translator

This will cause Word to create a new document with the translated text. Now we can save it as a new PDF file. To do this, click on “File”, then on “Save as” and click on “Browse”. Finally, we give it a name and in the “File name” field, we click on the “Type” drop-down menu, we choose PDF and click on “Save”.

Word save as PDF


This application has an online version and another desktop version, on which we are going to focus, since it allows us to translate free up to 3 pages in one document, for a total quota of 15 pages. The software allows us to translate a PDF into more than 40 different languages, being compatible with all Windows computers. We can download it from this link to your website.

Once we execute it, its main menu appears, with a very simple interface and intuitive that is in Spanish and with the steps perfectly enumerated. We simply have to first click on “Select File” and choose the PDF document that we are going to translate or select a folder with several documents.


Later we must select the source language. If it is not clear, we can choose to click on Auto-detect so that the program itself automatically detects the correct language. Next, we select the language into which we want to translate and, finally, click on “Start Automatic Translation”.

Websites to translate a PDF

If we don’t want to download any software to our computer, we can also opt for an online service to be able to translate a PDF into any language in a few simple steps.

google translate

Google’s popular online translation service offers support for PDF documents. To start, click on this link to the Google Translate website and click on the Documents tab and on the Browse computer button.

Google translate upload document

This will open the File Explorer so that we can search and locate our PDF file that we are going to translate. Once loaded, we must specify both the source language and the target language. If we do not know the source language we can select Detect language, so that it is the translator himself who is in charge of figuring it out automatically. Finally, click on the button Translate to start the process.

Google Translate translate PDF

After a few seconds, Google Translate will automatically translate the text and give us the opportunity to download it. To do this we just have to click on Download translation, choose a name and click Save. In this way we will have a new PDF document with the text already translated.

google translate download translation


Another online service that we can use to translate a PDF is DeftPDF. East translation service is free for documents of up to 10,000 characters, 2,000 pages or 50 Mb and 3 tasks per hour. For longer documents, we can pay $5 for each additional 10,000 characters. To start we must visit the DeftPDF website and click on the Upload PDF file button and we will upload the file from our hard drive or from Dropbox, Google Drive or URL.

DeftPDF upload file

Once the document is loaded, we must select the source language and the target language from its extensive list of compatible languages, and then click on Translate.

DeftPDF translate

This process will take a few seconds, depending on how large the document is. Once finished we only have to click on Download file to get a new fully translated PDF.

DeftPDF download file

This online application will allow us to instantly translate our PDF document to any of its 109 languages ​​supported, keeping the format. This does not require any type of installation or registration, the process being for free and using Google Translate for it. To access, just click on this link to its official website. From here, click on Upload file.

OnlineDocTranslator upload file

Subsequently, we only have to enter the source language, as well as the language to which we want to translate and click on the “Translate” button.

OnlineDocTranslator translate

Once finished, a new page will appear where we must click on “Download your translated document”, which allows us to download it to our hard drive in a new PDF document.

OnlineDocTranslator download translated documents

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