Do you have a stable internet? Do this on Windows and check it out

It is important to always have a stable Internet connection that works without problems. This is essential to view streaming content without interruptions, to be able to download files or use the cloud without problems. Now is there a way to see if the internet connection is stable in windows? We are going to tell you what you should do to detect possible problems and take measures as soon as possible to solve them. The goal is always to have a fast, stable, and seamless connection.

You can have problems navigating over the network and this can happen for multiple reasons. Perhaps the router is not working well, you have a bad configuration or even a problem with the computer. In the latter case, identifying whether the connection is good or not can help you see where the problem is.

Check the stability of the Internet

Luckily, you will be able to know if you Internet connection is it stable on windows or not. It is very simple and you only have to carry out a few steps that we are going to show. In this way, you will be able to know if it is going well or, on the contrary, you would have to do something to make it work better, with more stability and speed.

What you can do is use the Symbol of the system and perform a ping test. This is quite useful to determine if a connection is stable or not. There you can see if there is something wrong. You can see jumps, which would reflect that the connection is not very stable. A sign that will make you take steps to fix it.

You have to go to Start, search for Command Prompt and paste the following command: ping -t From there, it will start pinging Google’s DNS servers. You will see that it does not stop until you do something.

Ping Google servers

The interesting thing is that you keep it like this for a few seconds, so that it can ping correctly. You will see that it is something that he does every second. When you want to stop it, you have to press the Ctrl+C key combination. At that time, the results will appear on the screen. If you have an unstable Internet, you will see that there are lost packets. The total sum will appear, but also in percentage.

On the other hand, if your connection is good, it is stable, you will see that 0 lost packets and 0% appear. It’s a quick and easy test you can do in Windows to determine if there’s something wrong with your connection or everything is working fine.

Detect Internet Lost Packets in Windows

Speed, another way of measuring

It is not the best indicator, since other factors such as coverage, the capacity of the router or the network card come into play. However, you can also make a Speed ​​Test to see if you have a stable connection or not. That will also help you to have more knowledge about how your network works.

If you see that the speed is very limited, whether it is downloading or uploading, it could be a stability problem. For example, you may have misconfigured the network card, outdated drivers, or a failure with the router. However, it could simply be that you are too far from the access point.

Therefore, to see if the connection is stable on Windows it is best to do the ping test that we have shown. You can also combine it with a speed test and thus have more information available to detect any problem and solve it. There are different reasons why the Internet works slow.

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