Do you have Steam Deck? The heat wave could shut down your console (or worse)

Steam Deck has already been with us for more or less four months, and there are still few users who have them in their hands since Valve, although it has been able to improve the production rate somewhat, is still far from the number of closed orders that it has confirmed through Steam. Even so, social networks are full of publications where the proud owners boast of it, even when a heat wave like the one we are experiencing arrives.

Beware of high temperatures

It is evident that when the thermometer exceeds 40º things get complicated. Not only for all the gadgets we work with every day, which look like egg frying pans, but also our own bodies, which could suffer fatal consequences if we don’t protect ourselves and stay hydrated by drinking water at all hours. Well, it seems that almost the same thing happens to Valve’s Steam Deck. Cast?

In the last days those of Gabe Newell wanted to make a reminder to all users what is the range of temperatures in which our console is handled without causing problems and the bad news has come with the maximum limit that is not even remotely close to 41, 42 or 43º that we have seen reach these days in our thermometers.

According to the company itself, it has published on its official Steam Deck account on Twitter, in a message dedicated to “our friends in the middle of the heat wave”, they wanted to send us thanks to “a quick note about Steam Deck” focused on ” when you use it in high temperatures. And it is that the machine «works best at ambient temperatures between 0° and 35° C. If the temperature exceeds that number, Steam Deck can start reducing performance to protect itself.”

Could our Steam Deck be damaged?

Since the first message referred only to the fact that the console could reduce its performance to protect itself, many saw the danger that things could go further and cause irreparable damage if we forced the machine by keeping it on. At that point, Valve decided to refine their explanation a bit more by adding that “the APU [unidad central de procesamiento multinúcleo y de procesamiento gráfico] Steam Deck works well at temperatures up to 100°C. From there it will start to reduce performance and at 105°C it will automatically turn off. Again, this is to protect herself (and you) from harm.”

So keep that in mind if you decide to take the Steam Deck to the pool or anywhere else where it will come into direct contact with the sun’s rays. Even in the shade If you detect that the console is very hot, it is almost better to stop forcing the machine.unless, in addition to a sudden blackout, someone soon discovers that with much higher temperatures some component ends up liquefied inside.

Surely what we say is an exaggeration but you understand us, especially when you have spent a good peak to get it. don’t you think?

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