Do you know Blender? All this is what you can do with it

Precisely for this reason many of the developers of these applications try to make things as easy as possible for us. By this we mean that the creators of the corresponding design programs add functions that are as automated as possible. On many occasions this allows us to obtain very striking results, even if we do not have much knowledge in the field.

In this sense, we find software solutions for multiple tasks related to this topic. We talk about photo editors, creators of three-dimensional content, work with 2D objects, Web design, etc. Although there are some programs that serve us for multiple tasks of this type, there are also those focused on a specific type of work.

sculpt blender

In the same way, as you can imagine, we can find some programs of this type, both free and paid. It is for all this that we tell you that below we are going to talk to you, in case you do not know it, about a software that will solve many situations related to this design theme. Despite all that it proposes to us at a functional level, it is important to know that we are facing a cross-platform open source project.

This means that we can get the most out of Blender without having to spend a single euro. Next, we will talk about some of its main functions so that you can get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeverything that this application offers us.

Get the most out of Blender with the functions it offers

There is no doubt that one of its great attractions, at least initially, is its zero cost. But this does not mean that it has nothing to envy to other commercial proposals aimed at the same usage environments. In fact, this is an application that has been around for a long time and that over time has not stopped receiving updates. The first thing we find as soon as we start the program is a intuitive user interface for our design projects.

blender interface

Plus by default it includes a good amount of 2D and 3D objects so that we can add them to our work. In the same way we find dynamic simulations for soft bodies, particles and fluids. What’s more, we will have a particle system to simulate hair in animals and humans. It is worth noting that among the available working modes we will have the possibility of 3D modeling, sculpt our own digital figures, perform animation projects or even edit video.

These ways of working, as you can imagine, we can carry out individually or jointly. Making use of several of them we will obtain really interesting and attractive results. Of course, something that we must bear in mind is that this is not a particularly simple program, but it is all a matter of practice. If what we want is to take full advantage of all the functions of Blender, before we will have to get used to your integrated interface and tools.

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