Do you know Choo-Choo Charles? Well, it is the horror game that has divided the community

Last summer there was no E3 in Los Angeles, although an invention called Summer Game Fest was held instead, sponsored by the illustrious Geoff Keighley, who is also behind The Game Awards. The fact is that within the many showcases that were held, there was one in which a trailer appeared as strange as it was sinister in which a spider-legged, sullen-faced locomotive was seen attacking us mercilessly. his name, Choo Choo Charles.

From impact to (digital) stores

That trailer, which is the one we leave you right here above, outlined to us in a superficial way what was the gameplay of a title created to shock and scare us but which started from a base as interesting as it was successful: the use of locomotives, trains and a track system within an open world that we could visit however we wanted. In other words, an explosive combination that could be synonymous with success… or not.

The fact is that since last December 9 we have Choo Choo Charles in digital stores for PC and in the case of Steam we have been able to verify that practically all user evaluations are very positive, easily exceeding the 4,000 reviews that indicate that it has not only been liked, but that they rate it with scores of 10 out of 10 and things like that. So at first we might think that we are facing a resounding success, right?

The problem is that If we take a tour of Metacritic things change and although the media (they are so select) have decided that it does not deserve an average rating of more than 50, users are somewhat more benevolent and still move towards 7.0 in reviews that are either highly laudatory or directly they load it qualifying to Choo Choo Charles of bad. So who’s right?

Choo Choo Charles.

Trains inside a horror sandbox

The first thing to say is that no one has reason as such. We talk about tastes and in the case of Choo Choo Charles there is something that he has done well, which is reach stores risking with a different proposal in which the terror of an enemy (Charles) who is always on the lookout, a limitation of movements because we can only travel along the tracks with our train, and the desire to go collecting resources to manufacture more and better weapons and defenses for protect us when the villain appears.

In addition, the world through which we move is really big, with many variants of routes through which to circulate and a constant feeling of being in danger as soon as we set foot outside our convoy in search of wood and other materials. Surely there are more perfect and better ways to achieve the objectives, but as it is Choo Choo Charles conceived and developed, and the price for which we can get hold of it, make it an experience that we encourage you to try.

Especially if spending 19.50 euros does not seem too much to you and horror titles give you life for the adrenaline that they make you release. If this is your case… go ahead.

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