Do you know how many systems you can install Kodi on? It will surprise you

There are several features that make this program stand out from most of its competition. One of the most interesting is the enormous management and playback capacity it has for all types of content. We find all this through a quirky user interface that works completely regardless of the operating system where we install it. In fact, for many people, Kodi itself seems like an independent system once we have it running, even though it is not.

Focusing on this software, it is also worth noting the enormous compatibility with file formats and the add-ons that we can add to it. In fact, these add-ons that we mention are the reason why this media center It has generated so much controversy over the years. And it is that we can find content of this type both legal and not so much. Some of these illicit plugins call content subject to copyright, so their use can lead to some legal problems.

But this is not what we want to talk about here, but in this case we are going to make known the wide compatibility with Kodi operating systems. In fact, we can say that this is another of the great favorable points for its success. We must bear in mind that we can install this application on many different operating systems and therefore on multiple devices.

Kodi Compatible Operating Systems

In the event that you have made the determination to install this open source application on your computer, you should know that you can download it from its official website. But of course, what we must first know is the operating system that we have in order to download the correct version, which are not few. We must bear in mind that this is a multimedia center that we can use on many devices, both desktop and mobile.

Initially, the supported systems and those for which we have the corresponding executable file from the mentioned official website are the following:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • raspberry pi
  • tvOS

As you can see first hand, the developers of this multimedia player try to meet the needs and requirements of the majority. To all that compatibility we should add the few system resources that Kodi needs to work properly. Therefore, we shouldn’t have any problems running this interesting program on most systems and computers.

kodi systems

Moreover, we must also take into consideration that in addition to the aforementioned and downloadable executables, we have a UWP version specially designed for Windows. This can be downloaded and installed directly from the Microsoft Store and it should be noted that it is very similar to the conventional versions mentioned before. All this will allow us to enjoy our music, photos, videos or television channels from almost any computer.

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