Do you know how you can maximize the performance of your company’s network?

In the past two years, technology has had a profoundly transformative effect on businesses. The “journey to the cloud” has been accelerated, teleworking policies developed and the workplace modernized. They have invested in more security and they have tried to gain efficiency, trying to do more with less.

In this cocktail, however, not all the necessary attention has been paid to such an important aspect as the corporate network. In addition to this need when it comes to reinforcing their security, many companies have found that as they grow, their network also has to do it to be able to support the increase in traffic and the number of users, but that it cannot be done easily if it has not been designed in the first place to scale efficiently. Even in this case, new management and reliability challenges arise, in an environment that is increasingly complex due to business needs.

The SD-WAN revolution

In this scenario, more and more organizations are looking towards the new SD-WAN paradigm. (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) a technology that allows companies to manage and optimize their WAN (Wide Area Network) networks more efficiently.

Instead of relying on specific hardware to connect your branches and offices, SD-WAN technology uses a software approach to centrally configure and manage network connections.

This allows companies to improve the quality of service of their applications and reduce long-distance connectivity costs. Additionally, SD-WAN technology makes it easier for enterprises to more quickly and easily deploy new network services and take advantage of software-defined networking. In fact, some studies indicate that companies that deploy this type of network…

  • They get 2.25 times more bandwidth.
  • They report 65% less connectivity costs for an equivalent bandwidth.
  • They report 33% more efficiency in management compared to WAN networks.
  • They are 59% faster when incorporating new services.
  • They are 58% faster at applying policy and configuration changes.
  • They report 95% less unplanned downtime.
  • They almost halve the latency of your applications.

Discover our SD-WAN Library

As we have seen, SD-WAN technology is revolutionizing the way enterprises manage and use their networks, offering greater flexibility and control to improve network performance. But how can you actually start enjoying this new experience?

In our SD-WAN Library, you will be able to access the best documents to learn about the main benefits of SD-WAN, including better quality of service, greater efficiency and reduced costs for your company. In this resource center you will find:

  • Technical documents to better understand what this technology consists of
  • Infographics with the best use cases
  • eBook with best practices

In short, if you want to improve your company’s network, entering our SD-WAN library will offer you a world of knowledge and resources to expand your skills and broaden your horizons. Do not miss it!

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